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Photoshop Computer Crafts

Updated 02/17/03

Photoshop Computer Crafts: I have started a Yahoo Group dedicated to using Adobe Photoshop to create computer crafts. This will be a place to share Photoshop files, brushes, actions, styles, custom shapes, etc. We will try to help each other learn this program and beginners to both computer crafts and Photoshop are welcome. This group is brand new -- we have five charter members! If you use Photoshop for your computer crafts I hope you will join us!

Please Read: You may use these files freely as long as my name is not removed from the file. If you create a new layout from any of these templates, I would love to see it! I will be updating this page periodically because there is not enough space allowed on this website for me to post all of my designs at once. Please check back frequently -- or -- send me your email address and I will notify you when I do an update. Feel free to contact me with any comments (especially nice ones!) or questions. Some of the files contain assembly instructions and some do not. Photoshop 6 / 7 files are available for many of the designs -- just let me know that you would like them.



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Emergency Computer Backup
A pencil case and cover. This makes a great gift for your favorite computer geek!

Pop-up Box
This box has an unusual closure. Graphics from pcCrafter

Kleenex Box
This box fits the pocket size kleenexes. Bottom opens to allow you to put new kleenex in. Graphics from pcCrafter

Purse Box
This is one of the first templates that I designed and it is still one of my favorites. Use a strong glue to attach the flaps to the inside of the
box matching the dots on the template. Rose graphics from

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