Are we really ready for this?


        Well, if you're going,

You'll need to be HERE, the 25th!!


put-in on September 26, 2002


            Then it's Yahoo, baby! Here we go!!

The river is brown is red is green is turquoise.
On any given day, the river is light, liquid light, a traveling mirror in the desert. 
Terry Tempest Williams "Red"

(Don't forget your offering.....)


Who's going? 
Safety & 1st AID 

Folks, we'd like the trip to be truly a cooperative effort. 


            (official faxed list)
  1. Cathy Higgins ""
  2. John Everitt ""
  3. John Fields ""
  4. Dennis Cooper ""
  5. David Harris ""
  6. Denny DeBey "Iron works message machine: 482-9568"
  7. Larry Koster ""
  8. Berta Romio ""
  9. Mark Keen ""
  10. Patty Morrison ""
  11. Zita Zserlip ""
  12. Heather Kirkpatrick ""
  13. Chris Fowler ""
  14. Calen Higgins ""    **
  15. Jose Gonzalez **
  16. Kent Erskine ""
  17. Rob Caldwell ""    *
    ** Means 'leaving at Phantom'.....    * 'coming in at Phantom'

     Want your friends to send you something at the ranch?
Here's the address:       PHANTOM RANCH
                                    P.O. BOX 1266
                                    Grand Canyon National Park
                                    Arizona 86023

                       Have YOU sent your deposit$$ to Higgins yet ???
where do I send it?


Put-in at Lee's Ferry, Thursday Sept. 26th.
Take out at Diamond Creek, mile 225, Sunday Oct. 13th (Lake is silted in...)

Love this river, stay by it, learn from it....
it seemed to him that whoever understood this river and its secrets, 
would understand much more, many secrets, all secrets. 


  1. Higgins/Everitt :
    1. 14' Sotar "Seldom Seen"
    2. Berta

    3. 14'Achilles, bucket boat "RUBY"
    4. John Fields

    5. 14' Sotar
    6. Dennis Cooper

    7. (no picture yet)
      13' Sotar (Sportscar!!)
    8.                                Denny DeBey

    9. 17' Avon bucket boat "Hotel Colorado"
    10.                      Patty
        16'Achilles, bucket boat "WHITE TRASH ORCA"
  2.        Kent Erskine
      1. 14' Sotar
  3. Heather Kirkpatrick

  4. 12'  Cataraft  (MAIDEN VOYAGE!!)


      1. Mark AIRE IK "deepblue" 
      2. David Harris   Hardshell Kayak
      3. Chris Fowler   Hardshell Kayak
      4. Rob Caldwell  Hardshell Kayak



        Got a picture of YOUR BABY? Never too late to send it to us.....

      where do I send it?


      Zita and Chris: Are co-leads on this
      Zita has sent out e-mails (to those of you whose address she had) on what all she wants us to send her in the way of initial planning. If you have not connected with her by now, you will be getting luck of the draw on when you cook, etc. PLEASE!! Get in touch with her soon if you have not done so already (


      How many stoves do we need,amount of fuel?
      Denny's input:3-4 stoves, 15-17 gals. propane
      Juanito says 15 gals. should do it
      Bert and Denny both have a 5 gal.
      Need at least one more 5 gal propane
      (Did someone already offer and it didn't register??)

      Rumor has it that Larry has a start on kitchen, but wind of who's helping him hasn't reached the website yet.


      Every boat should plan on carrying 10 gals.
      Steve Briggs has a large gravity filter he will let us use

      Safety & 1st AID

      Every boat should carry a small first aid kit
      We will also need one larger, more complete for the group
      AND... boats 16' and over need a FLOAT CUSHION!
      Ropes and lines? Radio or SAT phone?
      Should Larry and Patty take on this one?
      Neither one has a cell phone....
      But they say they'll do it !


      The option we are onto now is to shuttle our rigs from Lees Ferry to Peach Springs, the Hualapai Boundary. Then we will have the Hualapai bring us up. The road is apparently still in bad shape and subject to washouts.
      The shuttle costs $160 p/vehicle + $25 for storage.
      They van and truck to bring you up, costs $250.
      Then there is the person fee of $24 each to come out at Diamond ($384)
      5 cars and they bring us up to Peach Springs comes to $1609.
      SO.... Bert has the shuttle forms to be filled out. We need to send them with cash as soon as we can get it together.

      Camp Gear

      Toilets, the ol' GROOVE boxes are the best.
       Denny DeBey (3) and Bert (3)

      We figured 3+ days a box. Total of 6?
      We should probably have one more....
      C&J will bring the other one

      Who's got the seat?

      Tarps and Lanterns: ?No one on this yet?

      deposits due, mail c/o: 
      Cathy Higgins 605 Ridgeview Ct. Hood River, OR 97031

      Questions and input via e-mail HIGGINS e-mail  Or  BERT's e-mail

      You can also send pictures to add to this website c/o:
      Berta Romio 525 Sleepy Hollow Rd. Appleton, WA. 98602

      Other links:
      Bob Foote's website has a good summary of trip logistics
      Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association
      - info on wilderness issues, commercial vs. private boating stats, and history of boating the
      Grand Canyon Private Boaters Page
      - info/opinion on the private permit system, the canyon management plan and links to other sites and
      Grand Canyon National
      Grand Canyon Weather Page:
      The Gould's Grand Canyon River Trip in 1999.
      We don't know these folks but for Heather, Chris, Calen, and Jose their photo collection sure tells the story if you've not been down the

      Page put together by:
      Berta and Cathy
      We will be updating from time to time as the info changes.
      So check in again soon! Meanwhile, GO BOATING!!!!