THE HEART OF HIGH PRAIRIE, or Hartland, is depicted here with a sample of some of the historical sites and images of the past. Click on the photographs to view an enlargement and excerpts from "Sketches of Early High Prairie" by Nelia Binford Flemming and pioneer family histories as they have been recorded by the descendent of early settlers and native residents of the Prairie.

David K. Clark

Byrd J. Clark

Hartland School

Hartland Cemetery


The sites indicated on this map are located on privately-owned land. If you intend to visit High Prairie, please contact the land owners for permission before exploring.

("Sketches of Early High Prairie" is published by Binfords and Mort, Portland, Oregon. Base map: USGS "Klickitat" (provisional edition) and "The Dalles North" 7.5' Quadrangles.)