About this Site

Created by Me (Kris) in April 2005 with HTML and a bit of CSS.

The Name

"Just peachy" is something I answer with when people ask how I am. Usually I am peachy. Peachy keen. But, it was already taken in the web world so I settled with a spelling alternative.

The Old Name

"It's in the Script" is sort of a family joke around my house. Whenever we are watching a movie and all of a sudden a charactor does something totally wierd and out of place or something seems like it shouldn't have worked out the way it did, "it's in the script" is a perfect excuse. I am in love with movies and the actors that bring them to life. So, this is the perfect name.

The Tools

Photoshop Elements
1001 Fonts
NoteTab Light
Core FTP Lite
The Homegrown Page

The Story

In 2003 I got really hooked on Lord of the Rings so naturally I wanted to get more involved and discovered the world of fandom. I found hundreds of thousands of fan sites for LotR and I wanted to get involved so I started a small site on geocities called Forever LotR. I added some Humor that I found in different areas of the web.

But LotR sadly had to end sometime so I decided to move on. I switched the name of my site to Valor so that it was a more broad range of movies. But I began to lose interest in updating my site when it looked like crap anyway with all the ads popping up. So I began to look for hosting. I am not allowed to use any money what-so-ever on the web. Everyone I applied to turned me down so I had to find another way.

Then, like the clouds moving away from the sun, I found my ISP had free webspace without ads! *bring on the chorus* I signed up that day and had created my first ad-free site within hours.

That's the jist of it. If you have any questions please email me at digigirl263@hotmail.com or just drop me a tag on the board.

Want something on the Web?

If you have any content (poems, stories, artwork, etc.) that you would like to have on the web, or want to affiliate (I will with any genre of site) please just send me an email, and I will work it out. (obscenities of course are a nul.)

Me Randomly

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Libra. Movies, LotR, Viggo Mortensen, Nascar, Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Burton, Amazing Race, Harry Potter Books, Good Music, NOW the CD's, Dr. Pepper, Dean Koontz, HTML, Billy Boyd, The Stars, Red, Soundtracks, Ponds, Chevy -not Ford, Big Brother, Family, Friends, and the persuit of sometime being part of movie magic.

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