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From: velma[]
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 1998 8:22 AM
To: Forest Kuykendall

I thought I would go ahead and send these corrections. I will send the others along when I get them typed in.

by G.B. Kuykendall, Md

Please keep in mind that Dr. Kuykendall collected material that was available to him at the time.
He spent thousands of dollars and several years collecting the material for his book. HOWEVER,
there are many incorrect items of information. Some of these coming to light with more records
becoming available to us. For additions to this book along with various family records, deeds,
wills, census records, court records, war records, etc., please read volume 1 through 6 of
KUYKENDALL FAMILIES OF AMERICA by Velma Kuykendall Winn 1980-1984. A few of
the corrections are here but for verification and additions to the families please refer to the above
books, these corrections are noted more fully in them. They can be ordered on microfilm.

Chap. VIII
page 39 There are Titsoort family errors. CALENDAR OF WILLS, ALBANY N.Y.
1626-1836, By Berthold Fornow, 1926 --- year 1687 (T6) 11 Dec 1716, 29 Oct
1722, William Titsoor of Dutchess Co. wife Neeltje, daughter of Teunes Swart,
Children: Abraham, Stefanus, Jacob, Isaac, Elizabeth, wife of James Witt, Eghie
wife of Abraham Freer, Rebecca wife of Jurean Quick, Helen wife of Damon
Palmelier, Areiantie wife of Jacob Van Kuykendall and her daughter Margrieta,
Marya Titsoor...real and personal estate. Exct.: wife and son Jacob and Capt.
Barent Van Kleeck. Wit: Henry Van der Burgh, Elias Van Bernshooten and
Leonard Lewis. (Areiantie is dead and Jacob remarried)
Chap. X
page 52 Paragraph 2, "across the State line in Indiana should read Illinois. Peter's farm
was in Clark Co. Ill. In the last sentence of this paragraph it is stated the daughter
went to Wisconsin. This is an error. It was Henry's daughter who went to Wis.
page 54 Middle of page - Taylorville, Indiana should be Taylorville, Illinois; last paragraph,
line 5, the name Peter should be Henry. Peter was in Clark Co. IL, about 10 miles
page 55 Last line, Mary Elizabeth should be Nancy Elizabeth
page 56 Line 15, the date 1844 should be 1884. In line 20 the name Lizzie Ferguson should
be spelled Furgeson.
Chap. XI
page 61 Paragraph 2, line 5, the name Henry Smith should be George Smith, Sr. Henry
was another brother of Sarah, not her father.
Last paragraph, Sarah Smith Kuykendall died in 1864 when Henry was 79. Her
gravestone is in Pisqah Cemetery. Apparently some of the descendants took
Henry home with them to Wis. to care for him and buried him there instead of
returning him to Ind. to be buried beside Sarah.

Chap. XIII
page 119 Paragraphs 2 and 3; An erroneous assumption is made that Leur Kuykendall and
Lena went to North Carolina. They did leave their home in New Jersey but went to
Pennsylvania. Lena died about 1750 and Leur married Sarah Nye a widow with a
small son, Andrew Nye. Several of his children are not included in this book. Refer
to the Family out line [Vol 3 114-138, of my above mention books.] Leur's name
became Lew Kuykendall, his will is recorded in Washington Co. PA, will book #1,
pg 98 and was probated 13 Jun 1789.
Chap. XIV: XV: XIX
This is one of the gravest assumptions in the book. That Cornelius went to VA.
N.C. He died in PA. It has caused many problems over the years. The children of Matthew and Cornelius have been mixed
up. Someplace along the line baptism records were lost. Matthew also had sons
Abraham and Jacob. The Abraham that died in N.C. in 1814, Rev. War Vet. was
Matthew's son and a brother to Peter who died in Washington Co. TN in 1783
and James who died in 1766 NC. Peter's brother ABRAHAM was the administrator
of his will and took his younger children by a 2nd wife back to NC where they
married. This Peter can only be the son of Matthew, as he was in the Spanish
Alarm in 1747 as one of the old married men. Cornelius son would only have been
14 years old. His son Peter was in Virginia in the militia in 1756 and his son
Abraham lost the use of his arm in an Indian battle in 1761 in VA and applied for
State help. One of Peter's land records reads next to his brothers Abraham and
page 179 Letter from Wm Kuykendall, paragraph 2, the name "Uncle Peter" should be
Uncle Henry, same error in paragraph 6 of the letter. Peter had only one daughter,
it was Henry who had two daughters who went to Wisconsin. The next paragraph
in reference to Stauton, Ill, should be Staunton, Indiana. On page 180 after Mary
Eleanor, again should be Stauton, Ind.
Chap. XX
page 219-221 The letter from Andrew Kuykendall, his grandfather was Matthew Kuykendall,
Rev. War Vet. in Butler Co. KY. This is my line. The name "Margaret Hardin"
should read Jane Hardin. She did have a sister named Margaret but she was
married to Majacah Hancock. They were the daughters of John and Elizabeth
Hardin. First paragraph, page 220 a son Josiah was left out.
Letter from E.C. Kuykendall reads "Andrew married Miss Taylor" this should read
Magdalene Burgher (Daughter of Joseph Burgher of Warren Co.KY)
This Matthew was the son of Peter's son of Matthew mentioned above.
Chap XXI
page 240 Do not use some of the printed cemetery records for White Co. IL. Either the
printing is bad, the tombstones worn, or the stones were put up years after the
person died. They do not agree with family records, census or marriage records.
Chap. XXII
page 244 Paragraph 2. These were sons of Adam who was also a son of the above Peter.
page 272-273 This is confusing, if you read books on Scioto Families it is worse and in the Civil
War pensions it doesn't help, one lefted out but two wives when he had about five.
page 275 John of Leesburgh and H. N. of Cripple Creek are the only two mentions of
descendants of Henry Kuykendall, Jr. b. 1765, Hampshire Co. VA died in Ross
Co. Ohio, now Pickaway Co. The spelling seems to have changed when they came
to Ohio.
page 276-7, 279 Andrew Kuykendall (Nancy McCreary) they lived near Kittaning, PA. children:
Thomas R. b.21 Nov 1838, d. 11 Oct 1915 md 24 Apr 1861 (Nancy S. Gamble)
children, John A. 1864-1876; Harvey S. b. 2 Nov 1865, d. 8 Feb 1938, md 20 Nov
1888 to (Emma Garmen); Fannie I. b.30 Nov 1867, d. 30 Jan 1955, md 11 Sep
1889 (Harry L. Wiester); Anna M. b. 10 May 1873, d. 20 Aug 1954 md 16 Feb
1899 (Allison Wiester); Nann J. b.11 Jun 1876, d. 13 May 1949, md 6 Dec 1904
(Matthew Burnett); Grace, b. 18 Jul 1880, d. 25 May 1945, md 9 Feb 1899 (John
page 279 Letter from Belle Klingersmith - she is confused about her Grandfather, calling him
Jeremiah instead of James. Probably because she has an uncle named James and
another named Jeremiah.
James Kuykendall, d. 1818 Mifflin twsp. Allegheny Co. PA md. (Christiana
Huffman) d/o Henry Huffman who lived Knowlton twsp, Sussex Co. N.J. (now
Warren Co.) md (Catherine Everly) d/o Leonard, children: 1.Charity; 2. Allen; 3:
Eleanor was she md. to Allen? if md. then Marcy's name/ 4. Mary; 5. Christopher,
this is believed the one in Wayne Co. Ohio; 6. Samuel; 7. Moses; Missey or Marcy,
b. 22 Oct 1781, d. 22 Apr 1825 Ross Co. Ohio, she md before father died about
1800 to (Moses Hopkins); 9. Jeremiah, d. Ross Co. Ohio, md (Phebe Hopkins)
sister of Moses: 11. James; 12. Henry; 13 by 2nd wife Andrew md (Nancy
McCreay); 14. Leonard; 15 Joseph.
Chap. XLVI
page 619 In 1966 I had a researcher in the Netherlands locate the marriage record for our
immigrant ancestor, Jacob Luursen. he was married in Amsterdam to Styntie
Douwes on the 28 Aug 1638. He was a young man from Wageningen age 22 and
she was from Enkuisen, age 21. I later found her birth record in Enkuisen on
22 Jan 1617, she was the daughter of Douwe Wiggersz and Agniete Coensen.
Siblings of hers were also found. These were on microfilm.

The above corrections were done years ago with the help of Arlene Saffell, a great Kuykendall
researcher who I have corresponded with since 1961 and is no longer able to do research. She
later added the following notes.


I was able to find the Web site again. In looking through it you have a first wife, Mary for my Peter ( #72 I think) This is an error his 1st wife was MARY HAMPTON instead of #2 and the mother of all the older children. His 2nd wife was Mary _______ or else just take this one off. Your site is looking real great. The descendants of Luur is the family tree for all lines I had thought maybe you wanted it in the Family Tree link. If you leave it under me just please change it to Velma's Lists instead of Line when you do your next update. Thanks Velma Winn


From: genbkp[]
Sent: Monday, May 04, 1998 4:50 PM
Subject: Jacob and Nancy (Thomas) Kuykendall of Buncombe (now Henderson) Co. NC

It's okay to post the following:
Jacob Kuykendall, son of Abraham (1719-1812) and first wife Elizabeth (surname unknown) was born between 1775/1784 per the 1810/1820 Buncombe Co. NC census. He died before 23 Dec 1828 date of Buncombe Co. NC deed, DB16,pg 170 in which his widow Nancy Keykendall (Kuykendall) sells land with her sister Anthroit and brother-in-law James D. (Dyer) Justice which the sisters had inherited from their father, John Thomas, Sr. of Buncombe (now Henderson) Co. NC. Jacob and Nancy (Thomas) Kuykendall were married ca 1800 probably in Buncombe Co. NC (records burned) . Nancy was born either 1781 per 1850 Henderson Co. NC census living with her son Rev. Joseph Kuykendall and his 3rd wife Hannah Capps. or 1785 per the 1860 Haywood Co. NC census living with her daughter Elizabeth (Mrs. C. W. Jenkins). Nancy died in January 1868 per minutes of Mud Creek Baptist Church and roster, at Flat Rock in Henderson Co. NC> Nancy and Jacob are believed to be buried between his father Abraham and her sister Anthroit (Thomas) Justice where two marble slabs mark someone's graves.
There are only two census records for Jacob's family: 1810 Buncombe Co. Males under 10 (4) 26/45 (1) Females 16/26 (1) ------- 1820 Buncombe Co. Males under 10 (1), 10/16 (3), 16/18 (1), 16/26 (1) 26/45 (1) Females under 10 (2), 26/45 (1) over 45 (1) ?his step-mother or mother-in-law?
The children of Jacob and Nancy (Thomas) Kuykendall are as follows:
(1) 1794/1802 - son unknown - may be JESSE born 1800 wife Elizabeth born 1802 - see 1850 Henderson Co. NC census. (however, see Jesse, son of James, son of Abraham - James and son Jesse went to Habersham Co. Ga. before the 1830 census.)
(2) Rev. Joseph b. 1804 Buncombe Co md 1st ca 1823 Ruth Guise/Guice b. 1802 Buncombe Co. d. 16 Mar 1840 bur. Mills River Church, Henderson Co.. Joseph md. 2nd 1841 Rebecca Green per letter from Clerk of Mills River Ch d. ca 1845. Joseph md 3rd March 1846 Hannah Capps b. 1807 d. ca 1868 per marriage agreement written 9 Dec 1845 and Joseph md 4th ca 1869 Elvina "Viny" Brock b. 1820 d. after 1880. (My direct line is from Joseph and his first wife Ruth Guise. This line has been proven by me for the DAR, the CDXVIIC and DFPA.)
(3) Thomas Kuykendall b. 1809 Buncombe Co. NC d. Winston Co. Ala. md. Matilda Sutherland b. 1810 d. Winston Co. Ala.
(4)Rev. John b. 30 Dec 1810 Buncombe Co. NC d.15 May 1893 Henderson Co. NC bur. Oak Grove Bapt Ch near Flat Rock. md. Gencie b. d. Ala. He did not return to NC until after 1880.
(5)unknown son b. between 1804/1810
(6) Elizabeth b. 1812 Buncombe Co. NC md. C. W. Jenkins b. 1810 NC d. after 1860 Haywood Co. census.
(7) unknown daughter b. between 180-1820.
(8) unknown son b. between 1810-1820 - May be Robert born 1818 wife Mary A.. "Marie" Sentell per 1850/1860 Henderson Co. NC census. went to Gerrard Co. Ky. Claim a civil war pension for the death of their son "Joseph" who died from a fall from his horse during the war.
(9) Jacob Richmond/Richard b. 1821 md. 1st Vina Sue Capps. md 2nd Mariah Garren
All of the Kuykendalls were out of Buncombe Co. NC before 1830 except Thomas #3 above who later went to Ala. It is believed by this writer that Nancy took her small children to Spartanburg SC where they grew up probably in the shadows of her Thomas relatives. No proof of this. Jacob inherited land from his father Abraham and bought other parcels including a 500 acres tract from his father-in-law. Nancy inherited land from her father in her own right which she later sells as a widow.
I have documented the lineage of Jacob to his father Abraham to his father Cornelius to his father Luur Jacobsen to his father Jacob Luursen son of Luur. Land records in North Carolina bear out my research that Abraham and his brother John (died 1762 Anson Co. NC) came to North Carolina with their widowed mother (Mary) and two younger brothers, Peter and Jacob/James in the early 1750's. You would have to be here in North Carolina to really follow and understand the patterns. Betty Kuykendall Price
You may quote me.


From: Ellen J Cunningham[]
Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 8:37 AM
Subject: Kirkendall

<<File: ATT00000.htm>>
Hello Wally ,
I thought I would write and give you my new Address. I am back on line
and going to check out how much you have got done. I haven't had a
chance to work on the Kirkendall side for a while. We have had several
deaths in the immediate family , and have been working on My husbands
Mother's side for a while. Several have ask for more on them.
I hope you are keeping OR. green and pretty for me . I sure miss it.
You have probably forgot all about me , But sometimes things happen ,
we can't control.
Ellen (Kirkendall ) Cunningham.

Hope all are fine. Will be contacting you later on.
Your lost cousin Ellen.


Thank you for the help. I either lost these in transcription from the book, or they are not in the book.

I will update my files when I have a chance.

Thanks again.


Wallace E. Kuykendall

From: Maestas Family[]
Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 1998 8:23 PM
Cc: RD Kuykendall
Subject: Kuykendalls I know

Hi, I have a family tree that starts at the beginning, just like yours. I
am lost in your web page after
4. Cornelius Kuykendall b 5/30/1686
Children of Cornelius & Maritje Westvail:
vi. Abraham b 10/18/1719

The information I have goes on from there, through Matthew Kuykendall, b
2/9/1758 in Medalenburg, Bryon County, NC, through Mathew Jr., b 2/17/1804
in TN, through Wm S. Kuykendall, b 3/22/1821 in Butler County, KY, through
Joe B. Kuykendall, b 11/28/1858 in Louisville KY, to my grandfather, Roscoe
Davis Kuykendall (better known as"Bill"), b 6/3/1893 in Tigertown, Lamar
County, TX.

Did I miss these?

It's amazing to me how many Kuykendalls there must be.

Linda in Albuquerque.


Sent: Friday, June 05, 1998 11:52 AM
Subject: Re: Kuykendall's

Dear Friend,

I have been on a dead end mission for awhile. My sister and I have been
trying to connect a link in our family tree and we just can't find the
records. Here's how the story goes:I am William Kuykendall (1959- )
Corsicana, Tx
Father William Simon Kuykendall (1936- ) Mexia, Tx
Grandfather Simon Kuykendall (1881-1968) Tenn
Greatgrandfather David (Dave) Kuykendall (1843-1957) Tenn
or N. Carolina. David was
married to
Lucinda (Dolly) R. Lofton, perhaps in Mississippi. His
certificate listed Simon Kuykendall as father. This is my
end. I can't find a Simon Kuykendall from that time period
I can't find a reference to David Kuykendall.
My family is located in Texas and apparently has been here for awhile.
I practice law in Houston. The purpose for our search is that my sister
has children and she wants to locate the necessary records to have
her girls in the Daughter's of the Texas Republic. It is okay to post
information, I appreciate any guidance you can offer.

Bill Kuykendall


Sent: Wednesday, June 03, 1998 7:24 AM

ok to post, I am having trouble with the following and could use some help.
my ggg grandparents were Jesse Bean/Beene and "Polly" Kuykendall married in
Rutherford co TN. 1805, the problem is I understand there was a Mary and an
Elizabeth (sisters) which one is Polly ? The marriage record I have says
Polly, and yet I have seen both of these names associated with Jesse, is it
possible they are one in the same? Mary Elizabeth KuykendallBeene? I
appreciate any help with this.



Sent: Saturday, May 30, 1998 2:17 AM

Hi - Just found your Kuykendall page and you are to be congratulated - what a
wealth of information.
I descend from Jacomyntje Jacobsen Van Kuykendall, d/o Jacob Van Kuykendall,
who was born abt 1641 and married Thomas Vandermark. Jacomyntje's son,
Frederick, married Geertjen Tak and their daughter, Jacobmyntje, married 7 Jul
as recorded in Kingston Dutch Reformed Church records Jan Terwilliger. The
Terwilliger line goes down to my Mom who was born Thelma Avis Terwilliger in
Ruth Jordan Thoden


From: estowell[]
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 1998 4:05 PM
Subject: About new Kuykendall book

Dear some-sort-of-cousin:
The new historical novel, "American Nomads," follows the Kuykendall
family from Old Amsterdam to New in 1645, then across the continent for
three centuries. Thoroughly researched and based upon actual facts, it
tells the story of those Kuykendalls who pioneered from Atlantic to
Pacific. If you are connected to George Benson Kuykendall's line, you
would find it especially interesting as I, the author, also belong to
that branch. Dr. George was my grandmother's first cousin and crossed
the plains with her Ping family, Mrs. Ping being Lucretia K.
I would like to receive your name and address so that I could send you
more detailed information about the book. It goes much beyond the
"begats;" I spent 21 years in research and writing in order to put flesh
on old bones, blood in dead veins, and make their lives real. From the
vivid picture of crossing the Atlantic, life in New Amsterdam before it
became New York City, in Albany as Beverwyck, in Kingston as Wiltyck
with dramatic story of Esopus Indian wars, down the Delaware with 5
greats grandfather Jacob K, on to West Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, to
Oregon and then Washington Territory.
The book should be fascinating for anyone who likes historical fiction,
but so much more to the descendants of its characters. Hope you will
send your address so that I may give you more information. Feel free to
post this on your web page. The 500 page book is available through
BookMasters, 1-800-247-6553, or from IRIS PRESS, 238 Torrey Pines
Terrace, Del Mar, CA 92014. Price: $24.95, $4.00 shipping and handling.
Emily Stowell

From: Rusty Smith[]
Sent: Sunday, May 17, 1998 7:05 PM
Subject: Pages 37-64

Wallace E. Kuykendall,

Greetings! I am a second cousin four times removed from George Benson
Kuykendall, and am excited that you are updating the Kuykendall book. There
is one correction for pages 37 to 64 (the information was incorrect in the
original). On pages 55 and 56, there are two Kuykendall sisters who marry
two Smith brothers. There is Mary Jane who married Hiram. And there is
Nancy Elizabeth who married George Washington Smith. She is referred to as
Mary Elizabeth in one sentence and Nancy Elizabeth in another. Nancy
Elizabeth is correct, and she is my GGG Grandmother.

My grandfather, Herbert F. Smith, did extensive genealogical work on the
descendants of George Smith Sr. George's daughter Sarah married Henry
Kuykendall (brother of Peter, John, and Daniel) in Indiana in 1816. Herbert
Smith followed descendants he could find up to the present from that
marriage (although your line is incomplete and doesn't get to you). He also
traced George Smith Jr.'s descendants, including his sons Hiram and George
W. who married the Kuykendall sisters. In fact, the Smith and Kuykendall
families in Terre Haute, IN and surrounding areas were quite intertwined.
Kuykendall brothers and sisters Mary Jane, Nancy Elizabeth, Welton Modesett
and Alfred Cruzan all married with the Smith family (Alfred's wife Lizzie
Ferguson was great-grandaughter of George Smith Sr.).

I will soon have Herbert Smith's publications as a Word 6 file and can send
it if you want it. Also, I have some pictures (the above four Kuykendalls
along with their brother William who for some reason didn't marry a Smith
or Smith descendant; plus a photo of the George Smith/Nancy Kuykendall
family) if you want them, too. I can also send you the Smith/Kuykendall
files as Gedcom if that is of use to you. I'll work on getting stories.

If you want the above, let me know how to send (email attachment or mailed
diskette or whatever).

Post this if you want.

Mark "Rusty" Smith

Hello it's me again so soon. Another correction, this one in chapter 29 and
the genealogy. On page 398 in the original book, children of Henry
Kuykendall, there is a line between Mary Ann and Daniel which reads
"Children by second wife, Sarah Smith". This line is missing in your
transcription. Mary Ann was the child of Mrs. McFall (who was a widow and
brought the child to the marriage, so technically not a Kuykendall). The
rest were children of Sarah Smith.

Post at will.

Mark "Rusty" Smith



From: Jacquelyn E. Bean[]
Sent: Saturday, May 09, 1998 1:20 PM
Subject: Kuykendall Family

I'm trying to locate (without success), the parentage on my grt-grt
grandfather, Montreville Lafayette Kuykendall. The only info I have is
that he married Mary Lou Aycock, and they had several children: Estella
(aka Stella [my grt grandmother]--who had a twin; Ellie), Bertie,
William Curtis (W.C.), Montreville Jr., Lillie Mae and Emily Lee.
According to my mother, Gloria Hoye Erhard, Montreville Sr.'s parents
had a farm next to Gen George Washington in Virginia, but I have not
been able to find out what their names were.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jacquelyn E. Bean

post my request on your page!

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From: BMKUY[]
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 1998 4:22 PM
Subject: Re: Kuykendall Book

Wallace, it's fine with me to post the e-mail address. I have no druthers at
present. It's always good to hear from folks that know something about the SW
Kuykendalls. As I probably have mentioned before, my family came into Texas
w/Stephen F. Austin in the "Old 300" in 1821 and I extensive records of those
folks, but never enough. Also I have been collecting my paper files for some
25 years and have never converted to the computer, which poses a problem for
me in that I have not been in some of the files for years and can't remember
what's in them any more. A fellow e-mailed me the other night who was looking
for someone and it was kind of neat to be able to dig thru my stuff and find
who he was looking for. That normally does not happen. I need to convert my
files to the computer for better access. I will have to hire some whiz here in
Austin to do it. I have all the Winn Books on the K's of America plus the
index and she recently sent me her disc of 6500 K families but I have not
entered them yet "cause" I don't know how to work the computer. Anyway, if
there's going to be a new book, I want to be hi-up on the list. Gene K's book
from several years ago is great, do you have it? Holler when you need me,
Marshall K.



From: Jerry & Jonnie Sisler[]
Sent: Friday, April 03, 1998 6:42 AM
Subject: Abel Kuykendall

Abel Kuykendall was born abt 1790, Alabama or Mississippi. His parents
(names not known) may have been born in Georgia. Abel apparently had at
least two siblings, Jean Kuykendall, born in 1790's, where not known,
married Jim Bankhead from Alabama and Tennessee, had at least one child, a
daughter named Naomi; William Kuykendall, born 1790's, (where?) married,
wife's name not known, had children: John Kuykendall, W.B.Kuykendall, Mat
(or Matthew) Kuykendall, who married a Miss Brown, and Lila Kuykendall who
married John King.
Abel died about 1842, in Mississippi, perhaps in Itawamba County, He
married, abt 1820, in Alabama, Elizabeth "Betsy" Menasco, born abt 1802,
Giles Co., Tennessee. They had children: Jesse Menasco Kuykendall, b. 30
Apr 1822, Marion Co., Alabama; William H. Kuykendall, b. 12 Nov 1827, Marion
Co., AL; James Abel Kuykendall, b. 1832, Marion Co., AL; Joseph L.
Kuykendall, b. 8 Aug 1834, Marion Co.; Sarah Ann Kuykendall, b. 21 Jun 1836,
Marion Co.; Lucinda M. Kuykendall, b. 16 Mar 1839, Mississippi; Elizabeth
Jane Kuykendall, b. 31 Dec 1840, Mississippi.
I would appreciate any help anyone can give me for Abel's parents and any
other siblings he may have had.
Jonnie Adams Sisler

Jerry & Jonnie Sisler
Stevensville Montana



From: William & Hope Creasman[]
Sent: Friday, April 10, 1998 11:35 PM

I am interested in a copy of the book that you are proposing to have
done. My husband's line on two sides descend from Abraham Kuykendall in
Henderson Cty. His mother is Elizabeth Kuykendall Creasman whose father was
Fralo Darrell Kuykendall (born 12/14/1894) whose father was Robert Valentine
Kuykendall who is buried at Mud Creek Baptist at Flat Rock. He died on
9/30/1940. Robert Valentine Kuykendall was married at Splendor, NC (Isn't
that appropriate?) to Effie Elizabeth Ward on the 10th day of November in
the year of our Lord 1891. Now it gets interesting! Robert Valentine's
father was Henry Pinkney Kuykendall who married a descendant of Abram
Kuykendall, Cynthia Capps. Cynthia was the daughter of Abram Capps who
married a Heatherly and his mother was Ester (Easter) Kuykendall who married
Cornelius Capps. Ester's father was Abram Kuykendall. I haven't gone back
on Henry Pinkney's line, but was told that John was in there somewhere and
Joseph and Abraham. I really haven't researched it because I have been
working on other lines. I figure that if they have Kuykendalls on both
sides that they must all lead back to Abraham. I let Mrs. Price and the
others work on that and the dispute over Mathew Cornelius and Abraham.
Henry Pinkney Kuykendall and his family were/are lovers of music.
Henry Pinkney wrote lyrics and music to "Won't that be a Grand Reunion",
and the sheet music is in the family.
Henry Pinkney children were: Rufus, Fralo (who sold Real Estate in
Hendersonville and had a beautiful singing voice - his picture is in a
History of Buncombe County. ), Otis who was a musician, Anna who married a
Baine, Lucy who married a Brock and lived in Spartanburg, Leila who married
Will Brown who lived in Woodfin section of Asheville, NC, Malvena who
married a Baine. There was probably more, but I can find it right at the
Fralo Darrell Kuykendall married Nancy Elizabeth Harrison and they had
two children, Nancy Elizabeth and Edwin Harrison Kuykendall. Nancy
Elizabeth Kuykendall married William Earl Creasman, Sr., and they had two
children: William Earl Creasman, Jr. (12/04/44)who married Hope Oswald
Creasman (9/26/45) on Dec. 31, 1961. He had two children by Hope: Karla
Elizabeth Creasman born on Dec. 14, 1962 (same day as her Great grandaddy
Fralo Darrell Kuykendall) and William Earl Creasman, III born on Nov. 21,
1969. Bill and Hope divorced, and he married Sedalia Gardner and had
Christopher Hampton Creasman and Nancy Sedelia Creasman. Sedalia and Bill
divorced, and he remarried Hope O. Creasman on Dec. 31, 1986. They raised
Nancy and Chris from the time that they were about 8 and 9 years old.
Karla Elizabeth married Steven James Epps (Johnson), and they had two
boys named Steven James Epps, Jr. (9/22/1986) and Kody Van Karl Epps
6/26/1989). Karla divorced and remarried Richard Leonard Bays and they had
Dakota Brandon Bays.
William Earl Creasman, III married Dawn Christine Black and they have
Brett Austin Creasman who was born on Jan 29 (his great great grandmother's
and great uncle's birthday ) 1998.
Even though I am not a Kuykendall, I feel like one because I married
into the family at 16, and they are like my own. I hope I did not confuse
you and if you want more information on the more recent members, I can work
on that and try to get it to you soon. Just let me know. You can post this
if you wish and if there are errors, please let me know, and I will work on
them. I just want to make sure that I will get a copy of the book, and
didn't want to wait too long and miss out.
When do you plan to do the book? I know several who will want some
Thanks so much,



From: Bradley Lloyd[]
Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 1998 10:00 PM
Subject: Kuykendall

Having stumbled across your web page, I immediately became excited. I had
hoped to find traces of my great grandfather, William Wyatt Kuykendall, who
was born in Bowling Green, KY (according to family 'stories'). Alas, I was
dissappointed to not find anything about him. I have been very frustrated
in my search, having little information and such a difficult name to go on.
I have been searching the 1989 (?) census for Bowling Green and still have
not located him. My grandfather, Houston Rubel Kuykendall, was also born
there somewhere around 1902. With this scant information, I was curious to
find if anyone has come across these names in their searchings? Any
information that anyone would have would be very welcome.
Thank you in advance,
Deanna J. Kuykendall Lloyd

additional information: My father, David Bruce Kuykendall, was born in
Chicago, IL in 1942. He has three older siblings: Dolores Aileen Kuykendall
Goulding, Ronald Houston Kuykendall, & Deanna Joyce Kuykendall Snedden.

okay to post




From: Carlene Eckroade[]
Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 1998 2:00 PM
Subject: Book and the Kirkendoll Family

Yes, I am very interested in the book. Would like a copy as soon as it
comes out. Please let me know how to purchase a copy (maybe several).

I am fairly new to genealogy but my grandfather was Cyrus Kirkendoll of
Moberly, Missouri. His father was John James Kirkendoll (b.1847) and
his mother was Medora Welch. The Kirkendoll family had come from Ohio
and Illinois. The story is still being pieced together by another
family member.

Could you tell me how to find the link between the Kirkendoll and
Kuykendall names?

You might want to put the Kirkendoll spelling on your web page so that
those searching for that name do not miss it.

Thanks for the web page and all the work. I am getting ready to retire
in a couple of months and plan to spend a LOT of time on genealogy.

By the way, looking over past letters that you have received, I found a
cousin of mine (who I have never met) had also written you. Now I have
his email address!

You may publish this letter if you wish.

Carlene Eckroade



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From: Ron Parrish[]
Sent: Friday, March 13, 1998 7:41 PM
Subject: Kuykendall in Wilbur Oregone

Hi Wally-

Its been awhile since we have corresponded. The other day I stumbled across the attached text written in the late 1930's as part of a WPA project. It is the reminiscences of a lady who grew up in/near Wilbur, Oregon and attended the Umpqua Academy. Recall that Wilbur is where John Kuykendall ended up after Terre Haute.

It gives and interesting flavor to life at that time. Of particular interest, if you search for "Kuykendall", you will find a short reference to a George who attended the Academy at the time of Lincoln's assassination. My guess this is GB. What do you think?

Here is the URL if you want to nose around:

Anything new with you?

Stay in touch,

From: Tami Ramsey[]
Sent: Monday, March 09, 1998 5:31 PM
To: Forest Kuykendall
Subject: Re: Kuykendalls

I have since moved from Texas to Virginia and wanted to update you with my
new e-mail address
Tami Ramsey


From: Lori Dollevoet[]
Sent: Thursday, March 05, 1998 8:55 PM
Subject: Kuykendall family information


You can post this, but more importantly it should be added to your
Kuykendall data base. I am descended form number 134 Jacob8 Kuykendall and
Nellie Reid. You have information missing which I gathered years ago from
my relatives. My GGrandmother was a Kuykendall, but it appears you do not
record beyond the first generation that losses the surname Kuykendall - so
I probably could not be included. I do, however, have data that would
extend your data base. In some cases my birthdates differ and I am not
sure who your sources are. Any ways here is my info:

134 Jacob Kuykendall 2/13/1848 - 7/23/1929 Gotham, WI married Eleanor B.
Reid (daughter of George Reid and Alvina Bailey) on 7/19/1929. He is the
son of Alfred Kuykendall and Madeline (Ana) Long. Had 9 children.

Children: generation 9
1-Frederick Paul Kuykendall 6/13/1870 - 1/29/1940 Richland Center, WI
married Phoebe Elizabeth Jackson. They had 6 children
a. Leta Kuykendall
b. Albert Kuykendall
c. Idell Kuykendall
d. Chancey Kuykendall (died 1931)
e. Ray Kuykendall 4/24/1892-4/1971 in Minneapolis
f. Thelma Kuykendall 1/26/1906

2-Maurice Kuykendall 10/8/1872 - married Carrie Berger 1/8/1893 Ash Creek, WI
2 children recorded
a. Boyd Kuykendall 4/25/?
b. Lila Hazel Kuykendall 7/12/1893

3-Emmert (Otie) Kuykendall 2/9/1876 Richland Co. WI - 9/8/1948 Appleton, WI
married Jerome Fry son of Isaac Gabriel Fry and Harriet Athalene Cole
had 5 children:
a. Winnie Fry 1/4/1899 Topeka, KS-12/24/1964 Clear Lake,IA married Thomas
Spilman 1884-1967. Married 1/9/1918 Dupree, SD.
1-Deane Ellsworth Spilman 10/26/1920 Clear Lake, IA m. Bette Blahnik (my
2-Mary Maxine Spilman 11/2/1922
3-Alice Spilman 9/3/1926
4-Norma Jean Spilman 6/7/1928
b.Theron Frye 4/3/1902 Gotham, WI- 9/1970 Ft Atkinson, WI married Margaret
c. Frank Frye 2/8/1906 Pembine, WI - 12/21/1969 Appleton, WI married Rose
d. Pearl Fry 7/18/1908 Pembine, WI- 11/1987 Appleton, WI married Alois Mader
e. Cecil Marie Frye 4/27/1912-2/19/1972 Appleton, WI

4-Harry F. Kuykendall 6/1/1879 - 11/11/1937 married May Edith 9/1900
Waukon, IA
2 children recorded
a. Vera Kuykendall 6/7/1904-
b. Leon Kuykendall 10/24/1906-

5-Frank Kuykendall 7/27/1881-5/1972 Ceraeal Springs, IL married Pearl Stull
5/18/1907 2 children recorded
a. Donald Kuykendall
b. Clyde Kuykendall 8/4/1910- 4/1978 Madison, WI

6-Kit Kuykendall 1/10/1885- married George Ray 8/22/1907 7 children recorded
a. Earl Ray 8/13/1904
b. Ben Ray 3/16/1908
c. Glen Ray 1/23/1911
d. Leola Ray 10/26/1915
e. Mabel Ray 10/26/1915
f. Lyle Ray 1922
g. Leo Ray 1928

7-Sidney Kuykendall 10/2/1887- married Ethel Lowry 4/19/1910 8 children
a. Sidney George Kuykendall
b. Clement Kuykendall
c. Sammie Kuykendall
d. Helen Kuykendall
e. Jean Kuykendall
f. Richard Kuykendall
g. Russell Kuykendall
h. Archie Kuykendall 2/8/1911-10/1976 Jefferson, WI

8-Jessie Kuykendall (identical twin) 4/29/1891 married Albert Agnew
6/19/1908 2 children recorded
a. Thelma Maise Agnew 8/4/1910
b. Bernie Agnew 7/2/1914-4/23/1937 married ? Hoover

9-Bessie Kuykendall (identical twin)4/29/1891-4/6/1910 (House fire) married
Walter Lundgren 1/16/1910 Richland Center, WI 3 children recorded
a. Harley Lundgren 12/11/1910 married Rosetta Newling 6/9/1935
b. Vern Lundgren 11/28/1915 married Dorothy Sonnenburg 9/14/1933
c. Gale Lundgren 1/29/1917 married Martha Monroe 8/1936

I hope this information is helpful. Lori Dollevoet, Fremont, WI


From: EConard1[]
Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 1998 3:57 PM
Subject: Kuykendall

While schlepping thru the internet I saw your page. While I am not directly
descended from the K's, my g-g-gm was the second wife of a Richard Kuykendall.
They married in Pendleton Co, VA (now Highland Co, VA. The date was 24 Jul
1827 and he is said to have been from nearby Grant Co., now WV. There
are other Kuykendalls there, but I do not know whether it is from Richard's
marriage or whether he had a brother or so in the area. Richard and his wife,
Mary Leach, came to Coles County, IL in the late 1840s with other family kin,
no Kuykendalls, tho. Both Richard and Mary died before 1850 and were buried
on our now-destroyed family cemetery. HOWEVER, I catalogued it in the 1940s.

Sure thing, I did not want to clutter up the post boards but where it might do
good it's okay with me. Have the dates on Richard & #2 wife. Erik Conard


From: MTerrel497[]
Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 1998 1:29 PM
Subject: Sarah Engles

I am in the process of preparing the family History book for my McConaha's
and branches. One of those branches is connected to my great grandmother Eliza
Mable Engles and her Parents Peter Engles and Serena Posohauntus Creasy. Sarah
is also the daughter of Peter and Serena.
I would like you permission to include your portion of the Kuykendal's
concerning Sarah and her husband in this family history.
I will also give you credit for this work.., Therefore your name would be
in it as contributor. (with your permission of course)
Hoping to hear from you soon

just a note to show you I believe in giving credit where credit is due! So
many will grab other people's hard work and claim it as their own.. I don't
nor won't do that!!
you might put in your new letter that any one connecting with Engles or
interested in this family might contact me. As you suggested.
My address is
Maxine Terrel
P O Box 162
Mulvane, Kansas 67110

Dear Wallace,
That is fine if you wish to publish my letter. We would love to hear from
some of this branch as many don't know anything about Sarah. I have one branch
that stems from Benjiman and he didn't know anything about Sarah. Sarah was
the sister to my great grandmother, Elisha Mable Engles (which I told you) So
if you wish, you can also put in your newsletter that we would like to hear
from those who connect or may connect. I am hoping to start a web page for
the McConaha's to put their inquires on, but no luck so far.
Now here is a coincidence, The Ingalls of Little House on the Prari

This is where the letter was cut off so I wrote back to get the rest of the story

Dear Wallace,
It was all there when it left! Good grief, I wonder what happened?Ok will put it up
here then maybe you can read it.

My great grandparents lived in Jefferson, Kansas where the Ingalls lived.I am
still working on that, and as soon as I can locate the post cards I boughtwhile
I was there, I will photo copy and email to your daugter.

We also video taped thecontents inside the school room, and the cabin while we
were there. Now if your daughter is interested, I would be more than happy to copy
that tape off for her.It isn't very long, but it shows the pictures of the family and etc
on the walls.

I am not sure if they connect or not. I am not sure if the stories dwelled too much on
an orphanage in Independence, Ks, 6 miles from Jefferson, but my mother and her
brothers were there. But this was after the Ingalls were there. By that time they had
moved on and am not sure how long that orphanage had been there. But in the
movies on TV that is where Albert came from.

I am sorry about the part of letter, can't imagine what happened.



From: Windsor[]
Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 1998 10:03 AM
Subject: Coykendall researching

My grandmother, Blanche Coykendall, was born in Jersey City (Bergen) NJ
in the late 1800s. My father did some research on her family, and came
to a dead end when "the Dutch Reform Church" in Sussex County, NJ. He
unfortunately passed away several years ago, before I had more carefully
questioned him about WHERE he did his research, how, etc. However, I
know that her parents died young, and she was raised by relatives
(unknown, unfortunately, maybe Coykendall, maybe not) and legend said
she had twin uncles (again, maybe Coykendall, maybe not) who were
prisoners of war in Andersonville during the Civil War. They were Navy
persons. Blanche Coykendall married Arthur Robottom, and thus became my
grandmother. She was a member of the Jersey City Girls which was an
organization for young women of Dutch descent in Jersey City. Does any
of this ring any bells for anyone. Please post it.


>From: Chris Holley[]
>Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 1997 6:42 PM
>Subject: The Book
>My parents have this book. My great-grandfather was Hobart Smith Holley who
>married Harriet Boyce in 1886. I don't have the book in front of me but I
>know that the book reflects the name as Hobary S. Holley. I will have to
>get my information correct but I believe that this couple had two sons, my
>grandfather being the youngest. My dad is the second of seven children, and
>I am the oldest of two. I would like to know if you know the amount of
>books that were originally printed in 1919? How many are still around? I
>was very suprised to find this information on the internet.


> From: Rodney Herbeck[]
> Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 1998 7:02 AM
> To:
> Subject: Kirkendall's in Ohio
> Hi and thank you. I can not tell you how exciting it was to find all
> this information about the Kirkendall/Kuykendall family. Now all I have
> to do is research far enough back to tap into this. My Kirkendall roots
> are all in Ohio. My my gg grandfather was William Kirkendall b.1797 d.
> 1850 and married to Mary Jane Crego. They had three children (1)William
> Harrison Kirkendall b.1841 d. 1907 (2)John Theodore Kirkendall b.1845
> d.1895 and Francis "Fannie" Kirkendall b.?d.?. My line is through John
> Theodore, their second son. He married a Sarah Renick in 1880 and they
> had two sons: Ben Renick Kirkendall b.1882 d.1968 and Edward Taylor
> Kirkendall b.1891 d.1952. Both my grandfather and my gr.Uncle Ben were
> doctors in the Columbus area. I am writing this to you in hopes that you
> may recognize these names or have heard from some other Kirkendall in
> this area and could give me further direction in my research. Thanks
> again for such a well done synopsis on the internet.
> Sincerely,
> Joan Kirkendall Herbeck
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Part 1.2 Type: application/ms-tnef
> Encoding: base64

By all means, Wallace. It would be wonderful to have any assistance
that may come from your posting my family information in your pages.
Thank you again.
Joan Kirkendall Herbeck

From: Bill Kirkendale[]
Sent: Sunday, March 01, 1998 11:54 AM
To: Forest Kuykendall
Subject: Re: Kuykendall, Kirkendale, Ouders


By all means place the letter on your site. You might add a note that the
male lineage of William A. Kirkendale, my grandfather, has been extended
the last couple of years. My son, and his greatgrandfather's namesake,
William Arthur Kirkendale, is 2 1/2 years old and his new brother
Christopher Cibulas Kirkendale is only one week anew.

By the way, I am in the internet development business. I have some ideas
for your website if you are interested.

Bill Kirkendale
> From: Bill Kirkendale[]
> Sent: Friday, December 12, 1997 11:40 AM
> To:
> Subject: Kuykendall, Kirkendale, Ouders
> Hi!
> My name is William H. Kirkendale. I am the grandson of William A.
> Kirkendale, the author of "Ouders". I don't have much time right now for
> a lengthy message or to read your info on the web, but I found it and
> would love to speak with you! Please reply when you can.
> Thanks!
> Bill Kirkendale
> 703-276-7200

back to the home page

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From: SamanthaOlsen[]
Sent: Monday, February 23, 1998 8:45 PM
Subject: Frances Lillian Kuykendall

Thanks for the reply. If you can help me find info on my grandmother
it will be wonderful. What I know about her is: She was born February 14,
1898. Her name was Frances Lillian Kuykendall. Regarding siblings, I know
she had a brother named Russell and a sister (but I don't know her name). I
believe she was born in Indiana. When she was young (about 8) her family
moved to Oklahoma. I remember visiting her relatives named 'Uncle Jim' and
'Aunt Mary' in Enid, Oklahoma around 1950 (don't know their last name,

This is OK to Post. My Email is


From: J. Gerald Miller[]
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 1998 10:21 PM
Subject: KUYKENDALLs on the Austin 300 List

Austin's "Old Three Hundred"


The Seed Colony of Texas

On New Year's Day, 1830, Stephen F. Austin sat at his desk in San Felipe
composing a petition to Commissioner General Juan Antonio Padilla on
behalf of the early settlers of his first colony. As he sat forth the
arguments in favor of an augmentation of land for these first colonists,
the reflections and reminiscences that often color the transition from
the old to the new year may have pressed on Austin's recollections of
the time he was first informed of his father's bold project to settle
three hundred families in the Texas wilderness and of the travails that
subsequently attended the concretioin of this enterprise. Foremost in
his thoughts were the settlers who came with him in 1821 and 1822 and
the steadfast fortitude they displayed in resisting the privations and
dangers they confronted. "These enterprising individuals", Austin wrote,
"laid the foundation of the colony in the heart of the wilderness, and
the ensuing advances experienced in Texas were a result of their
perseverance." Austin put it succinctly as he argued for his early
colonists in the petitioin to Padilla: "...had it not been for the toils
of the first [settlers] the others would have never come. In the
beginning they risked everything, now there is no risk, no danger, no
difficulty whatsoever."

In its inception, the Texas venture was conceived by the Austins as a
way to recoup the family fortune; and, while Stephen may have eventually
subsumed his initial desire for profit to what he came to perceive as
his civilizing mission in Texas, most of the colonists also came to
Texas propelled by the hope of economic gain. The Anglo colonization in
Texas was driven not by the search for greater political or religious
freedom, the concious advance of some preconceived manifest destiny, or
by a utopian dream, but by the pursuit of individual economic self-
interest. The glamorous episodes of history are often couched in terms
of a struggle for some lofty cause, but the course of history has been
changed as much by economic determinants as by the pursuit of thse
presumable loftier ends, and there can be no doubt that the successful
rooting of the first Anglo colonists in Texas changed the history of
this region. In retrospect, it was a decisive moment in the events that
finally cost Mexico half of its national territory and completed the
continental span of the American nation from the Atlantic to the Pacific

The lure for these settlers was cheap land, and lots of it, and the
distinction of being one of what came to be known as the "Old Three
Hundred" emanated directly from being the recipient through merit,
design, or simple good fortune of a land grant under the terms of
Austin's first contract. Capricious fate deprived mahy other would be
settlers active in the inception of Austin's first colony of a land
grant under the first contract and the deistinction this eventually

Austin's first contract was the only one approved under the provisions
of the 1823 Imperial Colonization Law of Mexico. Austin and a
commissioner appointed by the govenor was authorized to distribute the
land to the settlers and issue more titles to them in the name of the
Mexicoan government. The quantity of land allotted to a head of a
household was set at a miniumum of one labor (177 acres) for farmers and
one league (4,428 acres) for stock raisers, while those who professed
both occupations could obtain a league and a labor. This amount could be
increased without specified limits to settlers who had large families or
to those who established new industries or were useful to the province
or nation in other ways.

The law stipulated that the land was to be cultivated within two years
from the date of the title or run the risk of being forefeited, and
several of the first contract grants were, in fact, voided for
noncompliance with this provision. In the end, comissioners Baron de


Bastrop and Gaspar Flores issued 297 recognized titles between 1824 and
1828 under the first contract.

The process of distributing the land was not without its diffficulties.
Austin's desire to have a compact settlement was wracked by the
"rambling disposition" of his settlers and the grants were scattered
from the Lavaca to the San Jacinto rivers and fro the coast to the San
Antonio Road, with concentrations of grants in the most fertile areas.
Although this complicated the tast of protecting and governing the early
colonists, Austin eventually recognized that this dispersion facilitated
the settlement of later colonists over an extensive tract of land.

Land selections proved to be another source of difficulties. Every
settler wanted a tract of land that was well-watered, fertile and
supplied with good timber and prairie, and disputes over land selections
were inevitable and provoked dissentions. Some of the settlers also
complained about being slighted in the amount of land they were
allocated by Austin and others challenged his right to collect from them
a 12 1/2 cent per acre fee for surveying the land and obtaining a title.
As one might expect, civil disputes also arose among these independent
and individualistic settlers, but in hindsight Austin suggested that the
colonists hand been freer or internal dissention than could be expected
under the circumstances. To this assessment he added: "...they have
borne with the most inflexible fortitude, all the privations, to which
their situation exposed the, and have contributed largely, in laying a
foundation for the future prosperity of Texas, by commencing the
settlement of its wilderness." In many ways the first colony was the
testing grounds of the Mexican colonization pland, and its success
opened the way for the further immigration and set the standard for
later colonies.






Although scattered Anglo immigrants had been encroaching on the Texas
frontier for years before the
arrival of Austin's first settlers, these colonists were the first
organized, approved influx of
Anglo-American immigrants. Despite the undeniable hardships of the first
years, several underlying
conditions propitated their survival and growth. The land was fertile
and game was plentiful. The colony
was set down in virgin country where there had been so Spanish or
Mexican settlement, which precluded
conflicts like those that later beset Haden Edwards. The colonists were
allowed to govern themselves
internally under the criminal and civil regulations set down by Austin
and, above all, they had the
invaluable guidance of a leader who oversaw the quality of settlers
entering the colony, served as an
intermediary with the Mexican authorities when friction arose over
matters such as slave ownership and
tariffs, and sought to further their general interests.

Austin's story is well-documented, but the story of his hardy
colonists deserved to be expanded. Austin's
first settlers constitued a diverse group of enterprising,
persevering individuals, both men and women,
and in the pages that follow the reader will be able to revive the
adventures and contributions of these
courageous colonists, through the accounts of the justifiably
proud descendants or the pioneering
constituents of the seed colony of Texas,
"Austin's Old Three Hundred."

Galen Greaser

and Records Division

Land Office of Texas

You may use my e-mail address in your publication. I'll look forward to
reading it.

I have a fair amount of KUYKENDALL info from my wife's family--mostly
from Mississippi.




From: Carl Moreno[]
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 1998 5:17 PM
Subject: Kuykendall Lines

My K family began with Artemissa Kuykendall who married Hiram Hornbuckel
Smith in Union Co. KY. I have just placed a web page at:

Feel free to use any part of it or all of it. What a family we share!!




From: charles hess[]
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 1998 12:29 AM
Subject: Kirkendall Family - Ok To Post

Hi,I am new to your web site and find it most interesting.Are you
reprinting the Kuykendall Family book,if so please let me know as me and
my family may be interested in purchasing a copy.Now on to family
matters,I am desperately trying to place a Rachel kirkendall With her
proper family.My Rachel Kirkendall was born around 1795 possibly in VA
but we are not sure on that point.We know that she married a David
Miller in Ross Co Ohio in 1815,we last find her in Allen Co Ohio in 1840
and have been unable to find any further record of her.The best
information we have put together is that she may be a daughter of John
and Rebecca Kirkendall who came to Ross Co around 1800 from Hampshire Co
VA.John died in Ross Co about 1805 and Rebecca remarried to an Abraham
Stipp.If anyone knows anything of Rachel or her parents I would be most
grateful for any assistance.
Also does anyone out there know anything of a Jacob Kirkendall born abt
1816 in VA.He settled and married an Elizabeth Smothers here in Randolph
Co MO and stayed here until his death.I am certain he is a cousin of my
kirkendall ancestors but am not sure by which family.His children seemed
to have left the area as none of the many Kirkendalls in this area know
anything of him or his children.
Charles Hess


From: Sandy Sexton[]
Sent: Sunday, February 15, 1998 5:32 PM
To: ''
Subject: William Harold Kuykendall ( okay to post)

I am seeking any information you may have on my grandfather William Harold Kuykendall.
William was born June 29, 1872 and died on December 11, 1960
I am really interested on information about his wife that resided with him from 1890 - 1908 in Camden County Missouri area.
Also interested in any children they may have had.
They separated by divorce, and William migrated to the Oklahoma area.



> From: J or B Page[]
> Sent: Saturday, February 07, 1998 2:30 PM
> To: Forest Kuykendall
> Subject: Re: Velma's Book and Kuykendall Families
> Velma Winn has written about 7 books. "Forest of Many Tree's" and five
> volumes of "Kuykendall Families of America". I believe they are now out of
> print. You might check with Tuttle Antiquities Book Store as they had one for
> sale this last year. I have also had one copied off of microfilm at our local
> FHC. There are several Kuykendall books available on micro-film you can
> copy. You may have to get her permission, but I am sure she would give it to
> you.
> Good Luck. I thought you were the one redoing Benson Kuykendall's book.
> Joan
> ----------

> > Hello Forest
> > I am interested in the updated Kuykendall book. I have most of Velma Winn's
> > books and one of Gene Kuykendall. I have been doing research since 1966,
> but
> > not the through dedicated researcher Velma is.
> >
> > My mother was a Kuykendall, her dad, Ora, homesteaded in the Cherokee Strip
> > Outlet. Ora Lee Kuykendall was a brother to William Aruthur Kuykendall,
> > Velma's line.
> > Keep me updated.
> > Can post e-mail address, Thanks.
> > Joan
> >
> >


Post away! It's okay by me.

Jeff A()

From: Jeff A()[]
Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 1998 5:01 PM
To: ''
Subject: Geneaology

Dear Forest,
I just today started doing a bit of genealogy searching on the web and ended up at your page.
I'm not a Kuykendall, but one branch of my family line goes back to Jacob L. Van Kuykendall.
One of his descendants, a Rebecca Kuykendall (May 18, 1736) married a man with the last
Name "Langham" (I'll have his first name in a few days). They had a daughter named "Comfort"
Who married Stephen Osborn. They had a daughter, Mary, who married Samuel Alley. From
There on it's a straight shot down the tree to me, Jeff Alley. So even though I'm not a Kuykendall,
We share a common ancestor. Pretty cool. Do you have any info on Jacob's ancestors past
His father, Luur (born 1590) ?

Jeff A()



DEAR Forest Kuykendall ,




From: jharmon[]
Sent: Sunday, February 01, 1998 4:48 PM


I would like to be notified if a reprint of the family history is planned. I am working from the Ohio Kirkendalls that eventually located in Putnam County, Ohio. Please feel free to use my name or e-mail in any situation.

Thank you, your pages have been a geat source of assistance.

John A. Harmon
20617 St. Rt. 161
Milford Center, Ohio 43045

(614) 857-2200


From: Russ Kuykendall[]
Sent: Friday, January 30, 1998 12:06 AM
Subject: Kuykendalls in "the book"

I didn't see your name on the Web site . . . perhaps, I didn't look "hard" enough.

I own a copy of George Benson Kuykendall's "History" as does a cousin. My great-grandfather, Edwin Kuykendall (7, I think) purchased three copies, two of which survive, including mine. My great-aunt is buying a limited-run reprint of about 50 to 100 copies with some additions made, to be available this year. I've loaned her my copy of the book in order for this reprint to be created. So I can't provide page references just now.

My great-grandfather and his progenitors are included in the book.

My great-grandfather and grandfather immigrated to the Province of Alberta, Canada from Mineral County, West Virginia, in 1924 and 1925, respectively, where they settled. My great-grandfather according to family lore met G.B. Kuykendall when he travelled out to West Virginia in the early part of this century, although it was his uncle, Captain Isaac Kuykendall, who seems to have been the most helpful to your grandfather -- showing him the various cemeteries, etc. My grandfather, Gene Kuykendall, was born in the house which gave refuge to Captain Kuykendall, an aide to J.E.B. Stuart, nicknamed "Rebel's Retreat."

My great-grandfather farmed in Vulcan, Alberta, about an hour's drive south of Calgary before farming in the Sundre, Alberta, area about an hour-and-a-half north of Calgary. My grandfather married in 1927 and moved to northwestern Alberta in 1928 near Grande Prairie, Alberta, to farm where my parents also farmed until ten years ago and where they still live. I've moved around a lot -- graduate school in Illinois for three years where I worked for another three years. Now, I work in politics in the federal Parliament of Canada in Ottawa.

The lineage beginning with me goes approximately as follows, from memory:

Russell Edson Kuykendall b. 1962 (10)
Lyle Edwin Kuykendall b. 1932 (9)
Eugene Russell Kuykendall b. 1906 (8)
Edwin Russell Kuykendall b. ca. 1880 d. ca. 1955 (7)
Michael Blue Kuykendall (6)
James Kuykendall (5)
Nathaniel Kuykendall(4)
Isaac Kuykendall (3)
Jacob van Kuykendall (2)
Luur Jacobsen van Kuykendall (1)

My grandfather has a cousin, Mike Kuykendall (he has a bad hearing disorder), who still lives with his wife and son, Bill, a lawyer in Keyser, WVA, on a farm in Mineral County in the Patterson Creek area which has been in the family since the Fairfax grant in the 1730's.

Please feel free to get in touch and to publish any of the above, at will.
Russ Kuykendall
305 First Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1S 2G7
613-992-0930 (fax)


Sent: Thursday, January 29, 1998 3:26 PM
Subject: Richmond Kuykendall family

I am researching a friends family, and find that his g-grandmother was Kate
Kuykendall she was born in Kansas in 1859. Her family line is:

Richmond Kuykendall b. 1768 Holland. His parents settled in York Co.S.C. and
his father died of wounds suffered at the battle of Kings 1780. His
mother died after the British burned down their home and Richmond was adopted
and taken to Kentucky with the Danial Boone party to Barren Co. KY, he married
and his son James was b.Dec. 1795. There was also a son John.

James married Celia Thompson 9-5-1820 they lived in Garrard Co.KY.and moved to
Clay Co. Mo. in 1832 then they moved to Platte Co. Mo. James was elected to
County Court Justice Nov. 1940, in July 1844 he was elected Sheriff. He held
several other elected offices before moving to 1854. His children were.

James Marion b. 2-19-1824 in Garred KY.
Eliza Ann
Sarah J.
William L. was a scout in the Confedercy and settled in Saratoga, Wy.
Robert G.

James Marion married Sarah Link, daughter of Isreal Link. They had 5 children

Kate b. 1859 she m. Oscar Brown

John T.

I am looking for anyone who may be connected to this branch of the family.


From: Kuyke[]
Sent: Saturday, January 17, 1998 10:47 PM
Subject: K family

Wallace ......

I found your site while browsing tonight and thought I'd drop you a line. I
am especially interested in learning how closely we may be related since you
are from Eugene, and my grandfather was from Eugene (Marvin). My father, Carl
Vaus lives in Portland and I am Mark and live in Bend. People ask me ALL THE
TIME if I am related to the K's who own(ed) a lumber store in Eugene, and I
have to say I don't know.

I see you are an OSU grad ........ and we have a son, Joseph Carl, who is a
junior at OSU on a football scholarship. He is the starting tight end, #88.
Our middle son, Michael Luur, is a senior in high school and just verbally
accepted a football scholarship to OSU too. Our youngest, Patrick Ian, is a
sophomore in high school.

I am interested in a copy of Dr. Kuykendall's book if available. My uncle
Marvin Glen of Portland has a copy ..... but it'll get passed thru his side of
the family some day. Do you know if copies are available?

Thought I'd drop you an note, and my compliments on a great site.

really need typing lessons!!! Besides my poor typing abilities, my
grandfather was from Yamhill, not Eugene as I indicated in my first note.

Sorry .....


My line wasn't directly related to the lumber mill people either. I am not sure which web page you found, but the real one is at There is more on my line there and also a summary of the book-hit the Family Tree button.

Forest, my son, and I went to the Shrine Game, the Joe graduated. It was nice to see another Kuykendall playing. We have also gone to several OSU games and always watch for Joe.

I saw Mike (I think) at a Hood River track meet, but by the time I went over to say Hello he was gone.

If it is ok with you, I will publish your letter on my page. Please let me know. It was nice hearing from you.



Wallace E. Kuykendall



From: Bob Kuykendall[SMTP:Bob_Kuykendall@BayNetworks.COM]
Sent: Monday, January 12, 1998 4:46 PM
Subject: Geneology

I can give you an update on the following:

>i. JOHN10 KUYKENDALL, b. February 08, 1907.
>ii. WILLIAM KUYKENDALL, b. October 13, 1908.
>iii. DELMON VERNON KUYKENDALL JR., b. April 27, 1911.

..In a few days.

Vern (the younger) was my grandfather, and originally owned my copy
(actually my grandmother's) copy of Benson.


>Also is it ok to publish your email address?


I'll be in touch after I consult the family bible.



Nice to here from you. I always called him Uncle Verny. I didn't know your dad or uncle, since they had grown up and moved away by the time I was in grade school.

There is a short history on my line in the about this page button at

It would also be nice to fill in the blanks in the family tree for Vernons line. Also is it ok to publish your email address?


Wallace E. Kuykendall
Generation 11


From: pat j sanders[]
Sent: Monday, December 01, 1997 5:15 PM
Subject: Re:


Thank you for the e-mail. What a nice surprise. Unfortuantely, I do not
have George's files. I'm not sure who does. I will be checking with my
Uncle (Bill), the grandson of George, and son of William and Bessie
Thank you again!! I am trying to continue where George left off. It is
very time consuming - but I love it. Many family members have written.
I would love your history, also.

Dear Wallace,
Yes, you may publish the letter. No problem! I too have planned to work
on the book, but it has been quite busy around here. My youngest son is
attending WSU this year. He is probably very close to you. My husband
and I are driving John back on the 10th. I will be going over again for
sure in April for Mom's weekend.

My mom's family were born and raised in Pomeroy.

More later,

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Last Updated: 2-1-98

From: Russ Kuykendall[]
Sent: Friday, January 30, 1998 12:06 AM
Subject: Kuykendalls in "the book"

I didn't see your name on the Web site . . . perhaps, I didn't look "hard" enough.

I own a copy of George Benson Kuykendall's "History" as does a cousin. My great-grandfather, Edwin Kuykendall (7, I think) purchased three copies, two of which survive, including mine. My great-aunt is buying a limited-run reprint of about 50 to 100 copies with some additions made, to be available this year. I've loaned her my copy of the book in order for this reprint to be created. So I can't provide page references just now.

My great-grandfather and his progenitors are included in the book.

My great-grandfather and grandfather immigrated to the Province of Alberta, Canada from Mineral County, West Virginia, in 1924 and 1925, respectively, where they settled. My great-grandfather according to family lore met G.B. Kuykendall when he travelled out to West Virginia in the early part of this century, although it was his uncle, Captain Isaac Kuykendall, who seems to have been the most helpful to your grandfather -- showing him the various cemeteries, etc. My grandfather, Gene Kuykendall, was born in the house which gave refuge to Captain Kuykendall, an aide to J.E.B. Stuart, nicknamed "Rebel's Retreat."

My great-grandfather farmed in Vulcan, Alberta, about an hour's drive south of Calgary before farming in the Sundre, Alberta, area about an hour-and-a-half north of Calgary. My grandfather married in 1927 and moved to northwestern Alberta in 1928 near Grande Prairie, Alberta, to farm where my parents also farmed until ten years ago and where they still live. I've moved around a lot -- graduate school in Illinois for three years where I worked for another three years. Now, I work in politics in the federal Parliament of Canada in Ottawa.

The lineage beginning with me goes approximately as follows, from memory:

Russell Edson Kuykendall b. 1962 (10)
Lyle Edwin Kuykendall b. 1932 (9)
Eugene Russell Kuykendall b. 1906 (8)
Edwin Russell Kuykendall b. ca. 1880 d. ca. 1955 (7)
Michael Blue Kuykendall (6)
James Kuykendall (5)
Nathaniel Kuykendall(4)
Isaac Kuykendall (3)
Jacob van Kuykendall (2)
Luur Jacobsen van Kuykendall (1)

My grandfather has a cousin, Mike Kuykendall (he has a bad hearing disorder), who still lives with his wife and son, Bill, a lawyer in Keyser, WVA, on a farm in Mineral County in the Patterson Creek area which has been in the family since the Fairfax grant in the 1730's.

Please feel free to get in touch and to publish any of the above, at will.
Russ Kuykendall
305 First Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1S 2G7
613-992-0930 (fax)

From: Bradley M Ward[]
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 1997 1:59 PM
Subject: Kuykendalls


My name is Bradley Middleton Ward, and I am related to you, I beleive,
as a descendent of Lurs Jacobsen van Kuykendall. My descendency form is
attached to this letter. The information we have is from a fellow
genealogist on my Canoy/Kanoy/Kney family side. If there are any
questions on how to read this form, let me know. My father, Darrell Ward
has the book this information was taken from, and I can give you his
E-mail address on request. It is always great to be able to find lost
relatives like you. That's what makes the search all the more enjoyable!
Until later Cousin!

Descendants of: Jacob Luurszen Van Kuykendall

1 Jacob Luurszen Van Kuykendall m. Styntie Douwers
2 Luur Jacobsen Van Kuykendall m. Grietje Artze Tack
3 Cornelius Kuykendall m. __ ___ 1705 Marretjen Westphal
4 Abraham Kuykendall b. 18 Oct 1719 m. Elizabeth
m. Bathsheba
5 Jane Kuykendall b. __ ___ 1759 d. __ ___ 1834 m. Robert Mcminn I. d. 1798
6 John A Mcminn m. Elizabeth Robinson
7 Robert Mcminn b. 18 Jun 1799 d. __ ___ 1860 m. Sara Kuykendall b. 10 Oct 1797 d. 14 Feb 1882
8 Cynthia Mcminn
8 Sara Affa Mcminn
8 Didine Mcminn
8 John J Mcminn
8 Francis Mcminn
8 Valentina Mcminn
8 Jane (Jean) Mcminn b. 20 Dec 1828 d. 24 Dec 1906 m. about 1842 Edward Osteen b. 1 Oct 1818 d. 4 May 1904
9 David N Osteen b. __ ___ 1843
9 Robert V Osteen b. __ ___ 1846
9 Elvira Osteen b. __ ___ 1847
9 Thomas Osteen b. __ ___ 1850
9 Nancy Osteen b. __ ___ 1851
9 Solomon Osteen b. __ ___ 1853
9 Frances Osteen b. __ ___ 1855
9 Serepta Osteen b. __ ___ 1857
9 Jesse Osteen b. __ ___ 1858
9 Charles D Osteen b. __ ___ 1861
9 Monterville Fidel Osteen b. 4 Apr 1865 d. 6 Nov 1934 m. 8 Jun 1884 Manervia (Sara) Jane McCall b. 11 Sep 1867 d. 9 Mar 1939
10 Glover L Osteen b. 26 Jan 1886 d. 12 Mar 1963 m. 29 Sep 1908 Isabella Ward b. 11 Aug 1887 d. 7 Mar 1922
11 UNNAMED OSTEEN b. 00 ___ 1908 d. 00 ___ 1908
11 UNNAMED OSTEEN b. 00 ___ 1908 d. 00 ___ 1908
11 Elbert Glover Osteen b. 15 May 1910 m. Nell Middleton
m. Esther Pauline Blankenship
11 Edith Gertrude Osteen b. 17 Sep 1912 d. 5 Jan 1980 m. 19 Nov 1943 Paul Everette Wright
11 John Chalmers Osteen Sr. b. 13 May 1915 m. 28 Apr 1934 Lina (Caroline) Irene Overton
12 John Chalmers Osteen Jr.
12 Michael Osteen
11 Arnold Clingman Osteen b. 12 Oct 1917 m. 28 Mar 1946 Margaret Burgess
11 Grace Irene Osteen b. 6 Oct 1919 d. 6 May 1987 m. Clyde Madison Ward b. 27 Sep 1913
12 Jerry Darrell Ward b. 13 Apr 1941 m. 11 Aug 1962 Emily Anne Middleton b. 9 Oct 1943
m. Lorna Chambers Morton b. 1 Sep 1951
13 Bradley Middleton Ward b. 8 Oct 1965 m. 11 Jan 1992 Samantha Lee Shackelford b. 9 Apr 1971
13 Darren Patrice Ward b. 25 Oct 1968 d. 27 Oct 1968
13 Brittany Anne Ward b. 28 Jan 1970 m. 4 Apr 1992 Timothy Dale Carter b. 7 May 1957
m. Christopher
13 Holly Nicole Morton b. 19 Oct 1978
12 Sylvia Gayle Ward b. 1 Dec 1943 m. Jimmy F Bryson b. 7 Jul ____
13 Christopher Tracy Bryson m. Julie _____
m. Judy _____
14 Ashley Grace Bryson
13 Ginger D'etta Bryson m. William Lee Fountain
12 Janet Sharon Ward b. 5 Oct 1945 m. David Bowman
m. Benny Lawrence
13 Travis Ward Bowman
10 Jesse Osteen Rev. b. 9 Jun 1888 d. 28 Aug 1978 m. Emma May Corn
10 John Osteen b. 03 ___ 1890
10 Lola Jane Osteen b. 7 Jan 1892 m. UNKNOWN Duke
10 Rufus Clingman Osteen b. 18 Jun 1894 m. Naomi Irene Redden
10 Maggie Osteen b. 03 ___ 1896 m. Devereaux Hamilton
10 James Fresno Osteen b. 07 ___ 1898 m. Ruth Garrett Lusk
10 Monte Osteen
10 Maybelle Osteen m. Nolan Shipman
10 Edgar Roosevelt Osteen b. 15 Mar 1904 m. Eva
10 Genevia Osteen m. Leroy McCreary
10 Kermit Osteen b. 19 Apr 1908 m. Willie R _____
10 Carol Osteen b. 00 ___ 1913
8 Elizabeth Mcminn
8 Mary Mcminn
5 Abraham Kuykendall Jr.



In lieu of being able to review what you have so far, I offer the
following general comments:

I notice you list Carsten/Christian Luurszen as a third brother of Jacob
and Urbanus. I know Dr. G. B. K. and other researchers have speculated
about that, but I don't think so for the following three reasons:

(1). In the 1638 Amsterdam marriage baans of Jacob Luurszen and Styntje
Douwes he is listed as 22 years old placing his birth at approx 1616.
he was listed as "from" Wageningen (Gelderland, Netherlands). This
means only that he came to Amsterdam from Wageningen. We are assuming
he was born there.

Urbanus was probably close to that age as we find a first a child
baptized in Amsterdam in 1640.

Carsten was first married in 1665 and had children as late as 1691
suggesting his birthdate around 1640 - a full generation after Jacob and

(2) None of the descendants of Jacob or Urbanus were sponsers of the
children of Cartsen nor vice versa.

(3) . In the marriage baans of the NY DRC 4/11/1665:
"Christiaen Luyersen from Ley in the Province of Bremen"
and Anna de Vos from Amsterdam.
Bremen is in Germany, not the Netherlands.

Also, from "Deutsche Einzeleinwanderer und Familien in Neu-Niederland"
(German Immigrants and Families in New Netherland) "Leursen, Christian,
aus Ley im Bremischen" This would seem to make Christian German not

Another bit of information to be wary of: I notice several
researchers now citing Luur, father of Jacob and Urbanus as being born
in 1590 at Wageningen. I tracked down the origin of this:
Many years ago a Mrs. Rowland was writing a Clary Genealogy and hired
expert Kuykendall Family Genealogist, Velma Winn, (who did most of the
Dutch record research for us) to develop her Kuykendall line and
ancestors. Unfortunately, Mrs Rowland got some of the data wrong, (she
had Urbanus' wife as a sister). She apparently guesstimated old Luurs
birth date from Jacob's age and made the herculean assumption that old
Luur was born at Wageniningen because his son was "from" there. Next
Norma Garbert published a Book about her Byers/Kuykendall ancestors.
Norma did some excellent origianl research on the NC Kuykendalls but she
didn't find the earlier work done by Velma and others, instead she cited
and gave credit for the Dutch research to Mrs. Rowland and the Clary
Genealogy which she found in the LA library. Next, Barry Underwood
published his Kuykendall line, using Norma Garbert's information on the
earlier Dutch ancestors and citing Norma as the source. Then someone
entered old Luur's made-up birth date and location into the IGI of the
Family History Library and now it seems to have become accepted as fact.

Sorry to get up on my soapbox but Velma and others gave us many years
of professional research on the Kuykendall family including a thorough
examination of old Dutch records, and I hate to see it superceded by
third-hand misinformation and guesses.

Another thing many present day K-Family researchers miss is that
there is also very strong circumstantial evidence of Agniet Coens
Jacobsen and Jacomyntie Jacobsen as sisters of Luur Jacobsen (van
Kuykendall). Unfortunately the earlier records of the old Albany Dutch
Reform Church (where these girls would have been baptised) were
destroyed. That evidence is presented in my K-Family Synopsis.

Did Jacob and Styntje have a daughter Styntje baptised at Amsterdam in
1638? I am not so sure. See also my Synopsis.

Finally, a majority of Kuykendalls found today trace their ancestors
back to NC and VA (WV). In my Synopsis I also alert you to the great
unresolved mystery of whether these folks are descendants of Cornelius
van Kuykendall as Dr. G. B and current researcher Betty Kuykendall Price
believe. Or of Matheus van Kuykendall as professional researchers Velma
Winn, Arlene Saffell and Herbert Smith are absolutely convinced of?
Many Kuykendall Genealogy books and manuscripts have been published
about these lines and they are split about 50/50 whether they show their
ancestor to be Cornelius or Matthew.

Gene K

Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 8:30 AM
To: CARR, Jeff
Subject: FW: WV Kuykendall Search

One more try, I entered Jeff's address wrong.
To: CARR, Jeff
Subject: WV Kuykendall Search
Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 7:42AM

Good to hear from you. I know the frustration of waiting on information !!!
So far I have not made any direct connections to the Pendleton Co.
Kuykendalls from further "down river" - Grant, Hardy, Hampshire. There have
been several Jacobs and, of course, Johns, throughout the generations. None
of the ones that I have researched have wives by the names you gave, nor,
"moved to Pendleton around ...........".

I will continue to look, however, for my own records and yours.

Your info is repeated here to pass on the inquiry:

"Jacob Kuykendal(l), who probably had a wife named Magdalene, and possible
children Mary, Elizabeth and Richard. Jacob came into Pendleton Co. (Va.,
at the time) from Hardy Co. (Va., at the time) about 1795. Jacob may have
been a brother or first cousin to a John Kuykendal(l), who married Mary
Champ in 1800 in Pendleton Co. (Va., at the time)".

Sent: Sunday, November 30, 1997 7:16 AM
Subject: Kuykendall Book

I am interested in the book. The copy that I have is not complete and I am
interested in reading the rest of it. As you know I was trying to preserve
the part that I have for the rest of us Kuykendalls. Are you using Family
Tree Maker for the family tree? I would be interested in farther
communications and helping in updating the family tree. I, as well as many
other Kuykendalls have received the "Kuykendall Book" that is not accurate
and the people selling it are not interested in anything but making money on
those that do not know the truth. Thank you for taking the time to contact


From: Forest Kuykendall[]
Sent: Monday, December 01, 1997 10:07 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Kuykendall Book

I am using FTM 4.0a, and Microsoft word 97. My son has transcribed the family genealogy from the book to FTM and I will be posting it fairly soon.



Wallace E. Kuykendall

From: Norman Davis[]
Sent: Saturday, November 15, 1997 5:31 AM
To: Forest Kuykendall
Subject: Re:

Hi: This Jacob Kuykendall lived in Indiana. My Jacob was born in 1774 in
North Carolina and died before 1828 in North Carolina. Nancy Thomas his
wife lived in the same area till her death. I have collected more info
and will get it to you. It is on other descendants of my Jacob and
Forest Kuykendall wrote:
> Just a quick note. I found a Jacob Kuykendall born in 1770 but married to
> Catherine Decker. It could be that Nancy Thomas was his second wife.
> Wallace E

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Sent: Sunday, June 22, 1997 10:31 AM

Wallace, Tami Ramsey forwarded your message to me. I had sent her some info on
the Kuykendall family and for her branch. Have been researching this family
extensively trying to make a connection.

If I am correct you are from Jacob's branch. I am from Mattheus' branch. Still
have a couple of things to confirm, but believe my line is: Mattheus/Jannetje
Westvaal>John/Rebecca Hardin>Joseph/unknown (possible Moore)>Joseph, Jr./Mary
(Polly) Taylor/Sarah (Sally) Cooper>Susan A./Elijah Hood>Tennessee/James Oliver
Fowler. Susan A. Kuykendall/Elijah Hood are my gr grandparents. Susan is the
dau of Joseph. Jr/Sarah Cooper. Joseph, Jr. and his brother Philander came from
Christian Co., KY to Johnson Co., IL about 1810-1815. Joseph, Sr. and other
children went to Pulaski, AR about the same time.

I have never been able to find or borrow interlibrary George Benson Kuykendall's
book for the Kuykendall Family. Interested in your update and any info for the
Kuykendall Family especially for Mattheus' branch. Have info for your family
from other research.

Lot of controversy on the Kuykendalls that migrated from NY>NJ>VA to
NC>TN>KY>AR>IN>IL>MO>TX>CA. Sometimes connected to Mattheus and the same people
connected to Cornelius.

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Barb Barnhart

Sent: Sunday, June 15, 1997 2:06 AM
Subject: Kuykendall Family

I hope this is not a duplicate message. I've lost track of all I have sent.
If so, I apologize. I saw your post on Family Tree Maker's site. I am
looking for Kuykendall's in Texas and Oklahoma. My wife's mother is a
Kuykendall. Here is an outline of the descendants of William Carrol
Kuykendall who is the earliest Kuykendall I know of. Anything you could do
to fill in the blanks would surely be appreciated.

Descendants of William Carrol Kuykendall

1 William Carrol Kuykendall
. +Jane
....... 2 Issiac Alexander Kuykendall 1856 - 1939
........... +Elizabeth Rebecca Gound 1857 - 1939
.................. 3 Edward Alexander Kuykendall 1885 -
...................... +Rachelle Pearl Copeland 1894 -
............................ 4 Joseph Dill Kuykendall 1912 -
................................ +Joesphine Constance Marquardt 1917 -
....................................... 5 Linda Lee Kuykendall 1943 -
........................................... +William Walter Dufresne 1937 -
................................................. 6 Mynette Marie
Dufresne 1965 - (my wife)
..................................................... +Robert Brooks
Beauchamp 1955 (me)
................................................. 6 Michael Joseph
Dufresne 1963 -
....................................... *2nd Husband of Linda Lee
........................................... +Thomas Johnson
....................................... 5 Cheryl Ann Kuykendall 1955 -
............................ 4 Ruby Thomas Kuykendall Unknown -
............................ 4 Johnie Kuykendall 1913 - 1913
............................ 4 David D.C. Kuykendall 1914 -
............................ 4 Willie Rachel Kuykendall 1917 -
............................ 4 Little Sister Kuykendall 1919 - 1919
............................ 4 Virgil Alexander Kuykendall 1920 -
............................ 4 Raymond Alvin Kuykendall 1922 -
............................ 4 Hollis Monroe Kuykendall 1925 -
............................ 4 Vivian Lois Kuykendall 1932 -
.................. 3 Mary Etta Kuykendall 1888 -
.................. 3 Zoe Kuykendall 1892 - 1918
.................. 3 Theodore Kuykendall 1894 - 1978
.................. 3 Kathryn Kuykendall 1897 - 1929
....... 2 Nathanal Kuykendall
....... 2 James Thomas Kuykendall
....... 2 Pete Kuykendall
....... 2 Monroe Kuykendall
....... 2 Edward Kuykendall
....... 2 Ida Kuykendall
....... 2 Bam Kuykendall
....... 2 Sally Kuykendall


Sent: Sunday, June 15, 1997 7:46 PM
Subject: Re: Kuykendall Family

Probably yes to the Don Beauchamp connection although I could better
establish that if you put him in touch with me via e-mail. I just got a lead
on my Kuydendall connection. I received the following e-mail do any of the
names match your into:

I have copied the following from a book called THE HISTORY OF THE
KUYKENDALL FAMILY by George Benson Kuykendall, M.D. published in 1919. The
family history was found in early Dutch Church records and continued from
there .. I will look through the book and get further information for you
. but this will keep you busy for a little while .. Enjoy!! Tami

Record of Nathaniel Kuykendall, Gainesville, Texas

Nathaniel Kuykendall, of Gainesville, Texas, sent his family record too
late to include in the proper place in this book.

"My father was William Carroll Kuykendall, who came from Red River County
to Cook County, and then moved to Montague County, Texas. My Grandfather,
Isaac Kuykendall came from Alabama to Red River County, Texas. My great
Grandfather's name was Jacob Kuykendall. Grandfather married Miss Sarah
Smith and moved to Texas about 1835. They had three sons and three
daughters: William Carroll (my father), George, Solomon, Sarah, Jane and
Rachel. Sarah Jane married Jim Garrett, had three sons and died in West
Texas. Aunt Rachel married John Eatmon, and she lived at Lindsay,
Oklahoma, with her son, J.M. Eatmon. She has two sons and one daughter
living. George and Solomon Kuykendall died young.

Father married Eliza Jane McAneer, about 1852, in Red River County. He
died in Montague County in 1903 and left children as follows:
William Edward, who married Miss Callie Dishman; they had several children
Isaac Alexander, married Eliza Gound and had several children.
Solomon married Nannie Harrison, and has a big family.
Nathaniel (myself), married Mattie I. Derryberry, July 30, 1883
George Houston, married Eliza Harrison, and has a family.
James Monroe, married Ella Yearwood, and has a big family.
Sarah E., married A.H. Albert and lives at Nocona, Texas, R.5
Nancy Alabama, married William H. Piland, and lives at Weatherford, Parker
County, Texas, rural route 4.
Ida Jane, married Jude Bonner, and lives at Forestburg, Texas.

Of those mentioned above, William E., Solomon and George H. live at
Foresburg, Texas. Isaac A. lives at Utica, Oklahoma. James Monroe lives
at Saint Jo, Texas.

I, Nathaniel Kuykendall, was born in Young County, Texas, May 24, 1863.
The names of my children are:

Ella Mae, born August 12, 1885
Nellie Claude, born October 24, 1887
Charles Sawyer, born October 1889
Carroll Arthur, born September 7, 1891
Riley Nolan, Born October 4, 1893
Clarence Ralph, born March 24, 1895
Berdie Anna, born March 26, 1899
Calvin Columbus, born July 24, 1901
Wade Willia, born October 23, 1903
Joseph Thomas, born November 3, 1907
Lola Elizabeth, born July 23, 1909
Clarence Berada, born August 8, 1912

Thanks for your help.

Bob Beauchamp


From: James M. Bilbrey[]
Sent: Monday, November 10, 1997 4:15 PM
Subject: Looking for info on Sarah Kuykendall

During my family research I have found that my 4th-gr-grandfather
(Edmund Samuel McGuffey) was married to Sarah KuyKendall abt. 1793 in
North Carolina or Tennessee. They apparently had a number of children
but the information I have found so far is sketchy at best. I am hoping
to find someone who might have more information on her or her parents
and siblings. Any information is appreciated.



From: Forest Kuykendall[]
Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 1997 9:19 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Looking for info on Sarah Kuykendall

I would appreciate it if you would post my letter. Thanks for you

>>Mike in Dayton, Ohio

The best I can do is a Sarah Kuykendall, daughter of Benjamin Kuykendall (born 1723) and Sara Ferree.

I will post you letter on my web if it is ok with you, maybe someone else knows more.


Wallace E. Kuykendall


Sent: Thursday, November 13, 1997 7:44 PM
Subject: RE: Kuykendall Geneaology page

>>I found a Leander Kuykendall born in 1847 that married Anna Abbott and
>>had a son named Arthur. This is about the right time period, but that
>>is all the information I have at this time.

>>If it is ok with you, I will publish your letter.

Sure, that's great! I forgot if I told you this, but I think it was my
great-great-(great?) grandfather that changed the spelling to Kirkendall
or Kurkendall, and my Great-Grandfather (Arthur Kirkindall) changed it
to Kirkindall.
Thanks for your e-mail!


From: Elizabeth Kirkindall[]
Sent: Monday, November 03, 1997 10:33 AM
Subject: Kuykendall Geneaology page

Hello! I found this page today out of curiosity... Thank you for
keeping up such an interesting site! I thought it might be interesting
to note that there is another variation on the name: Kirkindall... this
is my last name... the spelling was changed by my great-grandfather,
Arthur Kirkindall (Kirbyville, TX) around the time of his first
marriage. He had a son, Billy Ray, who resides in Beaumont, TX, and is
married to Margaret Gaye Kirkindall. Their sons (my father and uncle,
respectively) are Arthur Sanford and Steven. Arthur Sanford (known as
Sandy) married Melissa Williams in 1967 or 1968. My name is Elizabeth.
Fortunately, all 4 generations mentioned here are still living!
This branch of my family -- as far back as we could trace using original
documents -- settled in the Austin colony around the time of its
establishment. The earliest definite and detailed family records we
have found were stored in the Alamo, dated 1831. (Some amusing family
anecdotes here, too.)
I have e-mailed the URL of this page to my parents, whom I believe will
be very interested. I hope this bit of information about the Kuykendall
family has been helpful! Thank you for maintaining such a neat page!
Elizabeth Kirkindall
P.S. My parents can be contacted at "Luranz" was the
name of my father's great-grandfather... :-)


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Last Updated: 11-10-97

From: Norman Davis[]
Sent: Saturday, November 01, 1997 2:06 PM
Subject: Kuykrndall

I am a Kuykendall descendant from Rev. Joseph P. and Ruth Guice
Kuykendall of Henderson Co., NC through his father Jacob through his
father Abraham born abt. 1919, NY. My Abraham migrated South to
Virginia, then To North Carolina.
I have a lot of information on my Kuykendall's althou I don't have it
all in my computer. I also have a photocopy of the book written by Dr.
George Benson Kuykendall. When I had the book reproduced the pictures
did not come out good enough to see. I have a couple books written about
different descendants on my Abraham but nothing has been written about
my direct line.
Do you have any information on Jacob Kuykendall born NC abt. 1770,
married Nancy Thomas. This is my Joseph P. Kuykendall's parents.
Norman Davis

Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 1997 12:34 PM
Subject: Kuykendall Home Page

Just wanted to let you know I feel like I have hit gold this morning! Have
been attempting to get sources from many researchers and have been hitting
stone walls with responses such as "all my sources are secondary" and "my
father told us the history." Since I am now seriously doing our genealogy
research, your home page is wonderful!

My brother-in-law, John R. Kuykendall, Jr., researched my husband's side and
typed up a report for the family in 1970. They were descended from the
Matthew-Simon-Benjamin line. Unfortunately the name will die out with our
son's generation as he has no male heirs, so I feel it is very important to
get the facts straight.

Thanks for the wonderful resourse. I would be interesting in having a copy
of the George Kuykendall book.

Phyllis Crane Kuykendall


Sent: Thursday, October 16, 1997 10:15 AM

My E-Mail address is at my work - with an English company, hence, the
interesting routing. No problem using it. Our particular office is in
Hampton, VA.

To identify myself with Dr. GBK's book (1919):

Page 440 - my father is Joseph Pancake Kuykendall (8), born November 8, 1910

Page 173 - my great-grandmother -- Mrs. Susie Pancake, Romney, WV

(I have a note signed by Dr. GBK to her regarding research on his

Page 95 - (Picture) - This house is still standing, however, it is now out
of the family, but, it is being maintained. I was in Romney this past
weekend and saw the house from a distance - across the South Branch of the
Potomac River. The Pancake family still owns the surrounding farm.

Bob Kuykendall
111 Thornrose Dr.
Yorktown, VA 23692

(757) 874-9195


From: Karen Smith[]
Sent: Sunday, October 12, 1997 4:19 PM

Wallace, I would be interested in a copy of the book. Please let me know
when it is published. I have a Samuel Kirkendall ancestor who was baptized
on December 30, 1744, but I'm not sure who his parents are. He married
someone named Mary and had a daughter named Mary Ann Kirkendall who was
born on September 8, 1779 in Middletown Township, Delaware County, PA. She
married David Bogert. Have you got this Samuel in your database? I would
appreciate any help you could give. Thanks.

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Sent: Thursday, September 25, 1997 1:09 PM
Subject: Book


Yes I would be intersted in your book on the KUYKENDALLS my husband
family came from Indiana would you have any body that is researching from
that area. from Vigo co Terra Haunte IN I would like to hear from you



From: Wanda J. Wilson[]
Sent: Sunday, September 28, 1997 8:11 AM
Subject: Abraham Kuykendall Descendants

Thanks for your reply. It is okay with me if you post my letter and
e-mail address on your Web page. I don't think Betty Price is on the
internet and she probably wouldn't mind if I gave you her address.
However, just to be on the safe side, I will write to her and ask her
permission and let you know at a later date. She may not care if I
send you her address by snail mail, but she may not want it posted
on the internet. I am sure that she could be a lot of help to you

I will be in touch later,

Wanda J. Wilson

From: cumings[SMTP:cu1m@artelco]
Sent: Sunday, October 05, 1997 1:12 PM
Subject: Kuykendall-

I have just read your home page and wonder if we have a Kuykendall link.
Mary Haines Kuykendall born,. 6-15-1832, Metropolis, IL, died 8-12-1890 in
Grenola, Elk Co. Ks was married to James Shirk born 2-4-1828 in Indiana,
died 10-9-1874. They were married 10-9-1874 and her father was James Moore
Kuykendall born 3-26-1810 in Illinois--his father was Joseph born in N. C.
(where does one quit?) My great grandmother, Cina Shirk Trenfield, born
2-2-1865 was the daughter of Mary Kuykendall Shirk. Would like to hear
from you--I am retired to Arkansas from Oklahoma and am going to seriously
work on my family history. Charlotte Trenfield Cumings-116 Dunn Hollow,
Fairfield Bay, AR 72088


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Leur had four children-Cornelius -July 04, 1733, Manuel - May 18, 1736, Rebecca ? and Joseph-May 29, 1739 that George B. recorded.

I have not found any Frost, Lane, Barks, or Downey, but Leur could have had another son born in 1746.

Thanks again Wallace E.

From: J. Michael Frost[]
Sent: Sunday, August 10, 1997 12:41 AM
To: Forest Kuykendall
Cc: Jacqueline Savage Marshall; Victor L. Frost II; Ellen J. Cunningham
Subject: Proposed Reprint of KUYKENDALL Book


I'll send to you, via "snail mail," a copy of Mr. Smith's manuscript.

At the suggestion of Ellen Cunningham, I looked at your web page at

You may post my message on your web page.

* * *

Our family has an old KIRKENDALL family bible, and we are not yet quite
sure how the
KIRKENDALLs fit into our family tree.

Here are some of the entries in the bible:

Moses KIRKENDALL, "Ten," b. 01/05/1798
Christeny KIRKENDALL, b. 01/27/1794
Phebe M. KIRKENDALL, b. 05/02/1879
Margaret KIRKENDALL, b 07/11/1820
Daniel KIRKENDALL, b. 10/14/1821
Katharine KIRKENDALL, b. 05/02/1823

Ann KIRKENDALL, b. 07/11/1801
Evan L. KIRKENDALL, b. 08/08/1826
Rebecca Ann KIRKENDALL, b. 01/27/1828
Samuel KIRKENDALL, b. 08/29/1829
Sarah Ellen KIRKENDALL, b. 08/07/1834

Katharine KIRKENDALL, b. 07/16
James A. KIRKENDALL, b. 06/23
Nathaniel KIRKENDALL, b. 03/10
Moses KIRKENDALL, b. 09/27
Louisa Jane KIRKENDALL, b. 06/15

There are some other names in the bible that are hard to read. One is
Sarah LANE. I don't know who Sarah was. There are several names below
hers that I can't read. Then there is a Mary Eleanor B___, who was born
in 1841. I don't know who Mary was.

On another page of the bible, there are names of persons who are
apparently biblical characters (Adam, Seth and Methuselah).

The bible in question is in very poor condition. The front and back
covers are off the bible, and the front and back pages are powdery. The
pages of the bible are approximately ledger size. We've found one page
of the bible that appears to indicate that the bible was printed in the
1880's. Also, we've found another page that has recorded on it the
names and dates of birth of children of my great grandfather, James Ross
FROST and his first and second wives.

Unfortunately, the information in the bible is incomplete. No places of
birth, and no marriages, are mentioned in the bible.

The KIRKENDALL information is written in ink, and the FROST information
is written in pencil. If the bible was printed in the 1880's, the
information about the KIRKENDALLs was obviously entered after the fact.

* * *

It appears to me that Moses KIRKENDALL was married three times--to
Christeny, Ann and Katharine; and that the other KIRKENDALLs in the
bible were Moses' children by these three wives.

Based on my research, I believe that the Moses KIRKENDALL listed in the
bible was a son of (1) James KIRKENDALL, who was born in about 1746 in
NJ, and who died before September 7, 1819 in Mifflin, Allegheny County,
PA, and (2) Christina HUFFMAN, who died in about 1800.

Also, based on my research, I believe that James KIRKENDALL was the son
of (1) Leur "Lew" KUYKENDALL/KIRKENDALL, who was born before October 27,
1706 in NJ, and who died before June 13, 1789 in Washington [now
Allegheny] County, PA, and (2) Lena GONSALUS, who was born in about 1713
in Hurley, Ulster County, NY, and who died in about 1751 in Sussex
County, NJ.

* * *

The bible was in the possession of my deceased great aunt, Margaret Jane
"Maggie" (FROST) DOWNEY, who lived in IA, OK and MO.

We believe that KIRKENDALL was probably the maiden name of a female in
our family tree.

My great grandfather, James Ross FROST, was born in Appanoose County,
IA, in about 1849. I know of no ancestors of his who were named

James' first wife was Bathsheba BARKES. James and Bathsheba were
married in Appanoose County, IA on November 30, 1871, and thereafter had
three children, whose names and dates of birth are recorded on another
page of the bible. Bathsheba died in Appanoose County, IA in about

I know relatively little about Bathsheba and her ancestors. In the 1870
census of Pleasant Township, Appanoose County, IA, there appears a
family headed by Margaret BARKES, age 42, who was born in PA. Living
with Margaret were Margaret's daughter "Bethsheba," age 16, who was born
in VA; and Margaret's daughter, Alice L., age 7, who was born in IA.
Accordingly, it appears that Margaret's husband died sometime after
1863, after the family moved to IA. The Civil War could have been the
culprit. [A
soldier named John BARKES, discussed below, could have been Margaret's

According to the 1880 census of Pleasant Township, Appanoose County, IA,
James Ross FROST's first wife was named "Bathsheba," and her father was
born in OH.

If the 1870 and 1880 censuses are correct, Bathsheba's parents were, for
some reason, in VA in about 1853 for Bathsheba's birth; and 10 years
later, the family was in IA.

I had a lookup done for me on CDROM # 351, "Roll of Honor: Civil War
Union Soldiers" regarding John BARKES. This CD-ROM is fairly complete
and claims to be the "most comprehensive source of information on Civil
War fatalities." It lists over 191,000 soldiers buried in more than 300
grave sites throughout the US. The search supplied me with the following

Private John BARKES, 53th OH Inf, Co E, died 10-3-1864, buried at
Marietta and Atlanta National Cemetery, Marietta, GA, section A, grave
#344. Previously buried in Atlanta, GA.

It is possible that the maiden name of Bathsheba's mother, or the maiden
name of one of Bathsheba's other female ancestors, was KIRKENDALL.

James Ross FROST's second wife was Ellen VROMAN [VROMAN is a name of
Dutch origin, and is an Americanized version of VROOMAN]. Ellen was
born in IL on November 10, 1861. James and Ellen were married in
Appanoose County, IA on May 26, 1881, and thereafter had nine children,
whose names and dates of birth are recorded on the same page as the
first three children of James. In 1899, James, Ellen and their children
moved to Garfield County, OK. They subsequently moved to Carthage,
Jasper County, MO.

I know quite a bit about Ellen VROMAN's paternal ancestors. [The family
tree of Ellen and her paternal ancestors is set forth in a book by
Wickersham and Comstock, The Vrooman Family in America.] I know of no
ancestors of Ellen's who were KIRKENDALLs, although there could have
been some such ancestors on her mother's side of the family.

James Ross FROST and Ellen (VROMAN) FROST died in Carthage, Jasper
County, MO on March 15, 1926 and March 29, 1950, respectively.

One of James and Ellen's children, Margaret (FROST) DOWNEY, had the
bible in her possession at the time of her death in 1986. She didn't
tell us where she got it, but we suspect that she got it from her

That, in a round-about way, is what I know of the provenance of the

Mike Frost


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From: cberry[]
Sent: Sunday, July 13, 1997 8:30 PM
Subject: Kuykendalls

My g.g.grandfather was from Athens Texas. He was born in 1821 in
Louisiana. His mother was from Copiah, Mississippi and remarried after
Mr. Kirkendall died. My g.g.grandfather was Benjamin Kirkendall. He
had a son Reuban Kirkendall, born in 1842 in Athens, Texas. Is there
possibly a connection?? thanks for any info you might have. Carl



I do not have Internet connections at present, however, one of my sons found
the Kuykendall info during some of his browsing, hence, the E-Mail inquiry.

My recent family connections are from Hampshire County, WV (VA before 1863).

Let's see if we can connect this way and then I can give you more info that
I have compiled.

Back to the table
From: Scott C.[]
Sent: Monday, September 01, 1997 4:46 PM
Subject: Coykendall link

I am Scott Glenn Coykendall. I had an English professor in college that
showed me a copy of the 1919 book but I lost track of him. I since found a
copy in the local genealogy library. I was able to connect my family to
the book via another Mormon writing "The History of the Drigg's Family". I
would be interested in being a part of the new publication. Unfortunately
all of the relatives from my GGfather have ended in girls so the name won't
go any farther with us. Let me know if I can be of any help.



The e-mail links you have on "" don't
start my e-mail like your link does. So I guess it thinks these are Web
links. Just thought you would like to know.


You are the first Coykendall to write, welcome to the group.

I am not sure which web page you looked at --FTM, Geo Cities, or the real home page at please let me know where you found the link "" and if you have not visited the real home page you should.

I would be interested in the your link to the book, and putting your email address and letters on my home page.

Sincerely Wallace E.


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Greetings from:

David Wayne Kuykendall
84685 Trona Road
Trona CA 93562-2554

760 372-5715 or 372-4600 (with message machine)

I am descended from C. V. Kuykendall, son of Luke. Charles Vaus Kuykendall
was born outside of Romney, WV, in the stone house built by his grandfather,
and pictured in G. B. ' s book. C. V. lists his children in the book. I
have been researching the family off and on since I was fourteen, (am 46
now), and have records on computer. I have e-mail, but no web access

My original research has been confined to the descendents of C. V., who
settled just outside of Yamhill, OR. We just attended the K family reunion
there in August of 97 on the homestead. Several of the family members are
interested to a small extent in this research, and also in reprints of G. B.
's book, if anyone does it again.

I am glad to see your letters, found when searching the web on a friend's
computer today. I would love to see more.


July 29, 1997
Forest, Just visited your homepage. Good luck with your msiion to update the book. I started out to do the same 13 years ago. Velma Winn and Arlene Saffell worked at it for at least twice that long. Emily Stowell has a fictionalized book about our ancestors due to be published late this year. See attached file for a summary of K-Family research & researchers. After privately publishing two volumes on my lines of the K-Familly, my latest approach is building a data base of K's and related families - nearly 14,000 individuals entered so far. I have a fairly extensive list of K researchers I have corresponded with over th years. Also several thousand K surnames (49 variations) from the CD ROM telephone directories. I have the original book, Velma Winn's reproduction circa 1985 and the original on microfilm if that is of any help. You are the third family member of Dr. G. B. to whom I have posed the following question with no reply so far. Do you know, or could you try to find out, what happened to his files. He had source records and correspondence that would be priceless for us K-Family researchers. I had assumed he might have donated it to the Holland Society but their librarian says no. I am getting a terrible feeling that someone in the family threw them away. Look forward to hearing more from you,
- Gene Kuykendall

Reply From Wallace Kuykendall
Thank you for the encouragement. I am sorry, but I do not know where George Benson's files are located. I had hoped that some of the relatives in Pomeroy would have saved them. My home page doesn't speak to it, but I think we need to have a place where these document can be preserved. My first thoughts were about locating it near the old Umqua or Drain academies. I think there is a pioneer museum in the area that has quite a history on Jesse Applegate. This is also the basis of Shannon Applegate's book "Skookum" -Beech Tree Books-1988. My wife says that I should tell you that my Grandma Rosie was Anna Rosella Mires, Putnam, Applegate. I have always thought what an adventure George Benson must have had while compiling the book. I think we also both realize what a task it must have been! I am also glad that someone else has had a little trouble following the book. The index is really interesting in that everything is listed under K. Anyway besides the adventure, I think the time is running out to continue the connections made by the book. Could you please tell me more about Velma's book such as who printed it and if copies are still available? Finally I would like to post your letter and email address on my web page if that is alright with you. I am not sure if we want to post the ksynop, but we can discuss this later.
- Wallace E.

July 31, 1997
Wallace, I'm afraid you are confirming my fears that someone threw out G. B's files. What a loss. Velma Kuykendall Winn is a member of the Mormon Church and spends many hours in the Family History Library each year as well as other sources of information. Every source document she finds relating to the K- Family she has tended to copy or transcribe and has published along with family data sheets from a wide correspondence list she developed. In the early 1980's she published Vol's 1-5 with a lot of help from her husband.. In 1984 I purchased one of the last sets available along with a reprint of the 1919 book. They had spent thousands of dollars on a large copying machine, printing press and book binding equipment, such was her dedication to this research and sharing the information with all K-Family researchers. As Dr. G. B. had recommended, she tried through her extensive correspondence to start a Kuykendall Family Association. She had planned a 6th volume and an all-name index. Around 1986 her husband died and she went incommunicado doing a lot of travelling for several years. In 1993 I found her on the Genealogy BB on Prodigy and convinced her to let me help her complete vol 6 and the Index. These were submitted to the Church in SLC last year for microfilming. Velma did not want to get back into the business of publishing books so no extra copies were made. The full series should soon be available on microfilm through Family History Centers, also my index of the 1919 book . I consider this (9 part) set to effectively an update of the 1919 book. Over the past 30-40 years there was an amazing community of K-Family researchers who picked up where the 1919 book left off and added some well researched information about our ancestors and cousins. (Mostly publised by Winn) Even though I am of their generation, I was a late bloomer and didn't get started researching until I was 54 years old. I started out much like yourself, mailing queries and my intent to update the 1919 book to every Kuykendall surname variation I could find in nationwide telephone books. Fortunately, I quickly discovered this community of researchers and corresponded with them for years. I purchased, begged or borrowed copies of all of their publications and/or copies of much of their files to build K-Family library. Between my own efforts and a half-dozen hired professional genealogists, I have attempted to revisit all the research of the records of the Netherlands, New Netherlland and up through the 1700's. This resulted in a few new finds and clarifications, but no major breakthroughs - Dr. G B. and those who followed him had done their work to thoroughly for that. Also I began posting queries in many society newletters that led to a large list of mail correspondents. Over the past five years I have been doing the same via the Prodigy Genealogy BB and the Internet. The results of all this I attempt to capture in my PC (PAF) database. I have become a bit disturbed at the most recent publications by people who have done a good job on their lines but who quote a lot of misinformation about our early Dutch ancestors. Most of them are not even familiar with Winn, Kirkendall, Stowell, Smith, etc and the source data they provided us with. It was for that reason, to attempt to restore the knowledge that these early researchers provided us with, that I developed my Synopsis. I have mailed and EMailed a number of copies but it had occurred to me that posting it on a homepage would be much more efficient. I do not want the responsibility of develooing or maintaining a homepage myself. If your are interested in doing so, your are more than welcome to post my notes and/or the synopsis on your page. Your long-winded K-Kousin
-Gene Kuykendall


I do not know if anyone else noticed, but the email links quit working when I switched from "Cute" to Netscape for a web editor. To make things worse, I purchased a new computer and decided to do away with Netscape and standardize on Microsoft (internet explorer). As Ellen K would say "these things all work different I guese". Boy do they!

June 5, 1997
What the heck. It might make someone laugh. I did send more then I had planned on. But it's true so what , I think people need to remember their is things that take place that do turn out good, I am still happy. I'm kind of in a dark spot right now. I'm finding a few dates that aren't quite matching. If you have anymore info. that might help me I'd appreicate it. You know us ! new PC. user's are learning by trial and error. that little thing at the top that says help does wonder's. I'm working out of two different files. I should say three. So that's where my problem is coming from. Have you saw the Kirkendall Mystery Bible ? that is posted in the genealogy listings? I have the files from M,J. Frost sent to me. through ged com files. Did I tell you that My Sister in Oregon has came up with a lot more on the Kirkendall's also. Their is a Davis that is working with her and he is from the Kirkendall side. Also She received a lot from a Kirkendall in NE. They don't have PC.s is the only problem . Waiting on snail mail take's so long. Keep in touch. Oh how's the water out their now ? We have plenty here if you need some !
- Ellen Kirkendall

Ellen Kirkendall - Married John Lyle Eastman April 24,1952. In Camas Valley OR. Douglas Co. Divorced in 1955 in Roseburg OR. Douglas CO. No Children by this Marriage. Married Forrest L. Cunningham 02/25/1956 Reno Nevada, by Justice of Peace William Beemer.
I dared Forrest to marry me, and he dared me, So on a Friday evening My Sister Ardith and Husband Wayne drove us to Reno from Benica CA. I thought Forrest would back out and He thought I would. We had only known each other lacking 6 Hours of being a week. Neither one of us backed, out. So theirfore we found out that since Forrest was only 20 , the Air force insisted he get permission from his Parents or within ten days or our Marriage would be annulled. His Mother didn't approve of it , but finally sent the Proper paper's. So we ended up legally Married. Forrest was in the US. Air Force stationed at Travis Air Force Base in Calif. I was from Oregon , visiting my Sister and family. We have been married 41 year's as of this time. Have 3 wonderful Children and 8 granchildren . A few Step grandchildren and one adopted grandchild. Have had a lot of fun and hope that it continues for a few years more.
- Ellen Kirkendall

May 21, 1997
Hello- I stumbled across your genealogy page on, and thought there might be a connection... According to my family's (unconfirmed) records I see the following possibilities: (1) John Kuykendall (my GGGrandfather) was born abt 1820 near Terre Haute and moved to Oregon. He died abt 1895. (2) His son, Henry Clay Kuykendall was born abt 1856 and died abt 1915. Any connection?
- Ron Parrrish

Reply From Wallace Kuykendall
Well this was an easy one. John and Malinda had 12 children. George Benson (7) author of the book was the first and Henry Clay (7) was the eighth. He was born on Sept. 30, 1856 in Wilbur Oregon (page 72). Henry Clay had 4 children: Ernest, Pearl, Carl and Ora (page 82). I assume you are quite familiar with this line and would appreciate it if you could help fill in some of the blanks. I don't know if you looked under the notes on the home page, but there is a short quote about the trip out from Terre Haute and John (6). The numbers are George's generation notes.
- Wallace E. (10)

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