Do you want to know the true meaning of redskin?
The term used to refer to American Indians...the
same one used by a national sports team....the same
term that American Indians protest?

It's not about skin color. It's about atrocities
committed against this nation's first people. So, if
you are interested in'll take the
time to listen. The time it takes to download,
depends upon your internet connection. It will
be a longer wait for dialup - but if you really
want to learn truth, you'll take the time to listen.

It is a short time to wait, for a valuable lesson
in truth-the real truth. Is 8-10 minutes too long
of a time to wait, to learn the truth?

The voice you hear is Rev. Goat Carson....his
ballad will teach you the truth about what redskin
really means. If you dare to listen to truth.

Dare to listen!

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approximately eight (8) minutes to download.
Redskins by Rev Goat Carson
Reskins used under Title 7 - Fair Use for
educational purposes.