April 9, 2001

Lyle Community News:
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Gorge Reality, Inc. held a public meeting last week at the Lyle Lions Community Center. There were
about fifty interested citizens in attendance including County Commissioners Don Struck and Joan Frey.
Dana Peck from the county spoke on how they are participating in the air quality control issue that the
Forest Service and the CRGC is proposing.  The county has hired two scientists to attend all meetings
and bring the scientific data back to the county.  The officers of Gorge Reality, Inc. presented
information, letters and data that had been compiled since the last public meeting in the fall. Some of the
items discussed were, Gail Castle, Bert Arndt and their problems with the CRGC.  TPL and their
tax-exempt status on the Lyle Point, this even though the county commissioners presented a letter to the
revenue department stating why they should not be given tax exemption. The County is in the process
of appealing this decision by the revenue department.
Gorge Reality, Inc. is in the process of applying for their not for profit status.  When this is completed
your donations will be tax deductible. They hope to have this status by their next public meeting.   They
are also working on a schedule for more public meetings at different locations in the Scenic area.   Be
sure to check out their web site: www.gorgereality.com.
The Lyle United Methodist Church is holding an Easter Sunrise service at 7:30 A.M. at
 A & G Foster Home  (515 Johnson). Everyone is welcome and a breakfast cooked by the men of the
church will follow at the church (403 W. Klickitat St.)  The regular service then will be held at 9:30
March crime stats for Lyle are as follows:  Theft complaint 1, 911 hang-ups 3, Agency assist 1, Civil
stand-by 1, Burglary complaints 3, Warrant arrests 2, Trespass complaints 2, Disorderly conduct 3,
Suspicious circumstances 1, and Narcotics violations 2.
Hope all enjoyed the School Spring Break and that the tunnel closure was not too much of a burden.
They may still be closed at night and have only one lane open during the day until the project is
completed.  The outcome should be worth the inconvenience.
Lyle History Conít.: Sister Cries Into Flames
His sister, Gertrude, later recalled that moment.  Watching her older brother always seriously at work
with his pencil on the foolscap, she had to come to regard the mounting manuscript pile as something
precious, something that must not be touched.  Seeing her brotherís work devoured by flames caused
her to cry, she remembered.
Progress has little to do with speed, but much to do with direction.