Even as the Old is recorded, the new rises brightly over the horizon. A new generation has arisen, ready to take over the

task of perpetuating Lyle, as the older folks depart for another world.

Hopes for another prosperity boom have arisen with the announcement of plans to construct a new Harvey Aluminum plant

some thirty miles upriver to the east. Unlike the construction booms, this one would be lasting. New jobs will be opened up,

new workers will move into the area and facilities will be expanded. Lyle very much desires to enjoy a part in this new industrial

development and the prosperous days it may bring.

Other industrial plants may then also be attracted to the immediate area, with happy results in the finances end re-population

of Lyle. It could go on from there in growth and importance and good reputation. Certainly, the "quiet village" will be changed,

and will eventually join the past with its sad-happy memories.

A future Lyle Park to be located on the banks of the Columbia--and perhaps of the Klickitat, as well--is now in the planning

stages. The Lyle Commercial Club, a lively organization with the future of Lyle in its hands and heart, is always planning new

and more modern installations, despite the habitual apathy of some, which threatens at times to engulf it.

There are some who say that Lyle is sunk in a coma which usually precedes death, but that is not necessarily true. It cannot

remain forever on the mere fringes of the Modern Age. The world will pick it up, in passing, and incorporate it with the bustling

growth of commerce and industry common to all.

The future of Lyle is told also in the Song of the Rivers, but only those who dream of it can hear its notes as they sing their

way past. In that Song are also tales of great sea-going vessels, of new commerce and of the ceaseless changes of condition

and circumstance which will cone, along the great river. One of the greet cities of the earth may some bay still bear the

illustrious and beloved name of Lyle, Washington!

And the names of those who lived and died here from its beginning will live on in the archives of man's history, by means of this

small book.