Listen, my heart, to the Song of the Rivers,

The Song of the Ages behind and before;

Hear the wild echoes of Time and Creation

Of dreams and of labors along the bright shore.

Hark to the voices that speak in its laughter,

Weep with its tears for the days that are gone,

Hope with its tales of joys that come after,

For the Song of the Rivers will go on and on...

Rolling and tumbling from heights beyond knowing,

Moving and murmuring softly today,

The Song of the Rivers, flowing and flowing,

While all else succumbs to change and decay.

Oft through my dreams I can hear its clear singing,

The music of earth, of humanity's will,

Seeking and finding, taking and bringing,

Nevermore ceasing, nevermore still.

Then I know in my heart that Life is Forever,

That dreams will come true and nevermore cease,

That man will lay down his long labors never,

And the Song of the Rivers is of Eternal Peace!

---Elizabeth D. McDowell