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So, where do you want to go now? Want to listen to music? Want to Chat? Want to just search the Internet? These are the different things you can do from this page.



  • The Audionet Homepage where you can listen to almost any CD or song. They have full length CD's or individual songs for you listening pleasure.

  • The Rap.Org Homepage where you can see what's going on in the rap industry and listen to songs through your Real Audio Player

  • RealAudio where you can download the most widely used RealTime media player to play all your music in .ram format.



  • The Globe Homepage where there is a ton of different chat pages to go to. Sign up for a free trial membership.

  • Chat.com, the place for every chatter to go to.



  • The Lycos Audio and Picture search page where you can find any song or picture that's on the web.

  • The main Search page for Lycos.

  • The Excite! Search page.

  • The original Search.com webpage.

  • Yahoo! Search Engine


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