My Dad
Don (Ross) Shupe: born=May 9, 1935
died=April 23, 1997

I lost my dad on April 23, 1997.....I feel as part of me died with him......he was a very special man.....a one of a kind......there will never be another like him.   After his recent heart surgery and mine we became closer I think......never a day went by without him calling to check on me or just to see what I was doing or vise versa......I was a pallbearer at his funeral along with my brothers, son and was kinda out of the ordinary to have a woman be pallbearer but thats me OUT OF THE ORDINARY......

This is a poem I had gave to dad a few days before he was read at his funeral :

You've been a guide,
a counselor, a friend for life.
Every now and then when we're
not sure what to do,
we find ourselves thinking about
how you handled a similar situation.
There were incidents you
probably don't remember
or didn't even know we were aware of.
But through your example
you taught, led, and inspired us.
You've been a wonderful dad
in so many ways,
and we just want to say
Dad, We love you.

Dad, we are all gonna miss you so much. You will never ever be forgotton........I love you, as did so many others....Rest in peace my Hero.

If the music doesn't start right click on the music box and click on activate. This song is "GO REST HIGH ON THAT MOUNTAIN" by Vince Gill (was played at dad's funeral)