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    Our Mission

    The American avant garde movement theatre company Azzizz (pronounced "as is") was based in New York City for nearly 10 years. We now have moved to the Pacific Northwest. Nestled in the scenic Columbia River Gorge we now are exploring the thriving arts scene in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington and hoping to bring more arts to the Gorge.

    From our beginning we have tried to tear down the imaginary barriers between artistic disciplines. Our voice speaks through a fusion of acting, movement, and dance. Our plays are constructed from the joining of choreography and play writing. We blend styles and techniques into stories that communicate as well as entertain.

    Our mission is to challenge ourselves and our audiences to look beyond our differences and see the common threads that unite humanity. We portray life as a balanced mix of good and evil, love compassion and strength interacting with fear hatered and greed. We use humor to let people see themselves in the lives of others. We are dedicated to the creation, development and presentation of original thought-provoking theatre.

    The 3 Characters from THE SHAFT pose.

    The Shaft

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